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'The Den' Restuarant, Hereford

I would like to nominate The Den as an excellent restaurant, recently opened in my home city of Hereford. I have been on two occasions so far and have had excellent food and service both times. Jade Owen, General Manager has agreed to answer some questions for me. Great to meet you Jade!

How long have you been trading?

We received the keys on 14th November 2013 and started trading on Wednesday the 27th November 2013. We got the place decorated and up to standard in just 11 days with a lot of help from family and friends.

Why did you choose Hereford?

Gavin the Head Chef is from Hereford, Jade the manager has lived in Hereford most her life and Helena moved to Hereford when she was 12. We have all grown up here and love this city and wanted to give it somewhere special for everyone to be able to go day or night.

Is this a family run business?

Gavin and Jade are engaged and Helena has been best friends with Jade for 7 years and lived together for the past 2 years. It certainly feels like a family as we all live together and have worked together even before we opened this restaurant when we were at ASK Italian on Broad Street.

How often do you change your menu?

The main menu has been changed about once a month since we have opening although we are now looking to keeping it seasonal. Our Specials and desserts change weekly.

'The Den' Restuarant, Hereford

Avocado and prawns with home made Marie Rose sauce

What are your opening hours?

10am – 10pm everyday other than Tuesday. This is subject to change at the end of April to 7 days a week. We have recently hired a new chef (Richard) and are waiting till he is fully up to speed in the kitchen.

Do you have an entertainment licence?


Is your food sourced locally?

Yes it is. It is something very important to us to use local. We have Roger the veg man in the butter market who delivers us fresh fruit, salad and vegetables 6 days a week. He assures us some of the produce is even picked off the allotments fresh that morning. Our fish man is Jason in the butter market who gets it straight from the docks in Wales. He also supply’s us with some local game. Our butchers is Rutherfords which is a family run business that is well established in Hereford who also deliver us local fresh meat 6 days a week. We get our milk and cream from our local milkman Ken from Bartonsham Farms also delivered 6 days a week. We get our cheese from Robert Pope from Pope Provisions. Even down to our beers and spirits. We have Chase Vodka and Gin from Herefordshire. Ludlow Gold from (surprise) Ludlow and Henney's dry Cider from Bishops Frome. We struggled to find a tasty lager anywhere local so we decided on Curious Brew from Kent. Our eggs we get from Total Produce who assures us our eggs are from Herefordshire. We are still on the hunt for a local Baker but have struggled to find someone who meets our needs.

Can you serve me a starter, main course and a sweet please?

Avocado and prawns in a homemade Marie Rose sauce and brown bread.

Guinea fowl supreme with orange and ginger stuffing, served with dauphinoise potato and seasonal vegetables.

Victorian lemonade and ginger trifle with homemade lemon curd.

Who would be your ideal dinner guest and why?

Gavin’s first choice would be Marco Pierre White as he has worked with him whilst doing some training in one of his restaurants. Helena’s would be Heston Blumenthal as he loves food and has fun with it. Sure they could both also give us some great tips! Jades would be Stephen Fry because he would never run out of conversation and is such a clever wonderful man.

'The Den' Restuarant, Hereford

Dessert with the "wow" factor!

How do you relax?

Gavin has two children who we look after for a few days every two weeks. They are a delight and we like to take them on days out and for meals. We also like to just chill at home with a good movie and some popcorn. Helena likes to spend time with her brother David when she can, who also comes and helps us out with pot wash occasionally. When we have a day together with just the 3 of us we like to drive out to the country and find somewhere to go for a meal and have a look round some shops. If we are really lucky we also like to go for drinks with friends.

This concludes the interview. Thanks for spending the time to talk to us.

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