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Arik blog

Here is my sixth blog post to share with you all.

Dear Cherry

I've been agonising for days about how to put paw to paper to tell you my latest bit of news, as there is no easy way to say it. I'm just going to have to blurt it out. My Mummy and Daddy aren't together anymore.

I feel like it's somehow all my fault. I feel as if my coming into their lives has somehow destroyed what they had before they adopted me. Is it my fault Cherry? Mummy says it isn't. Mummy said that her and Daddy are just too different, and that she has changed a lot since her and Daddy got together, so that if anyone is to blame - it's her. She explained that Daddy is too much of a free spirit. That he likes complete freedom to just go off on a trip wherever he fancies for however long he fancies being away for.

She said he doesn't suit being "tied down" (whatever that means, I never saw Daddy being tied to anything), and so she has set him free

Mummy on the other paw, is the sort of human that is quite content to be at home. She says that when her and Daddy got together, she liked to travel around a lot and see different places too, but that over the years she has settled down a lot and is now more than happy to stay where she is. Mummy also told me that she has always wanted Me (a boy Greyhound) and that now I've come along, she feels complete. So maybe it is my fault after all. Maybe if Mummy hadn't found me, she'd still be travelling around with Daddy. I don't know what to think Cherry. It's all very confusing.

Luckily Mummy and Daddy are still friends. They keep in touch regularly. Daddy even came around for Mummy's birthday and gave her a lot of lovely presents. Daddy still loves me too and gives me lots of fuss when he visits

Mummy and I are now living in Nanny Karen's house. Nanny loves having us around all the time and has told us that if we left she'd feel incredibly lonely. Nanny's garden is huge with lots of lovely grass for zoomies. She has also cleared out her larder cupboard so there is an entire shelf just for my food! The big guest room at the back of Nanny's house is now Mummy's and My room. It's very comfortable, and I enjoy sleeping with Mummy every night.

Although this is a very strange time, I still feel like the luckiest hound in the world. Lucky that I still have my Mummy and a comfortable home. I know a lot of hounds find themselves back in kennels when their Mummy's and Daddy's split up.

So I'm very fortunate that Mummy loves me so much that I can trust her to never leave me. Mummy says that we will still come back to visit you soon.

Love & Licks
Arik xxx

Arik blog

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