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Sharon B Fireworks

Now we have reached November, it's a good time to think about keeping your pets safe for bonfire night. If you are having a bonfire party or a fireworks display, please inform your neighbours first, especially if they have pets. We can then all be prepared and know what to expect.

Our moggy hates bonfire night – it's all the bangs and whistles of the fireworks outside that scare him. We close the curtains at dusk, so the flashes of fireworks outside don't frighten him further.

Sharon B Fireworks


Buster is an anxious cat, anyway, and he often runs under the bed when he feels threatened. We usually just leave him there for a while, as this is clearly where he feels the safest. Dogs too, need to feel safe inside your home.

For advice about keeping pets safe on bonfire night please go to the RSPCA website

We keep our cat in at night for about a week, too. For really severe anxiety in cats, Feliway is a good calming treatment for cats. You just plug it into a normal electrical socket, and an unscented odour is released in the air.

The cat becomes calmer and more settled. We've used it a few times for Buster when we've moved house, to help him cope with the upheaval.
Feliway is available from vets and pet shops. If you have a dog, make their last walk of the day just before dusk, and then keep them in.

The sound of the TV or music will help drown out the sound of fireworks outside. It's good idea to stick to your normal evening routine. For caged animals outside, eg rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs - if possible, move their cage into a shed or garage. Drape a blanket over their cage to muffle the sound of fireworks and provide extra bedding for them to burrow in

I personally HATE fireworks! I think they are great to watch in a proper organised display but not being let off in the street every minute or so. Even in gardens, in a small display, accidents happen – after all, fireworks are explosives.

Thousands of children have been hurt and severely damaged by them. Casual bonfires too, create havoc – it's a very busy time for the fire brigade dealing with fires that have spiralled out of control or are dangerous in some way.

So, on the run up to bonfire night and on the night itself, you will find me cosily tucked up in my living room with my puss, and we will be trying our best to ignore the horrendous noise outside!

Written by Sharon Boothroyd from KISHBOO e- mag

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