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Here is my fifth blog post to share with you all.

Dear Cherry,

Mummy and I are having a mini break at my Nanny Karen's house this week. Daddy has people staying in My house, and when they came last year I got very stressed out. I even ended up with heatstroke when they took me out all day on a hot day. So this time Mummy has taken me away to keep me happy and safe.

I love staying at Nanny's. She has a lovely big garden with lots of grass, perfect for zoomies. Do you remember it Cherry? Nanny also has a fantastic Food Room full of interesting things to eat, so I always follow her in there

Yesterday Nanny and Mummy shared a cooked chicken from the supermarket. Mummy picked the carcass clean and put some delicious scraps in a bowl for me. She was really careful about bones but she must have missed one, because as I was eating my bowl of yummy deliciousness she suddenly said "No!", whipped the bowl away and stuck her fingers in my mouth. Too late though, I'd swallowed it. She now says she hopes "to see it come out the other end" - whatever that means.

The weather here is more like winter. It is August isn't it?

We have just come back from a lovely long walk, but Mummy has been watching the weather since we got up this morning. It's overcast but with that really fine, misty rain that soaks you through within seconds of going outside so I haven't wanted to go out. I really don't like getting wet. It makes me feel cold and yucky. Anyway, Mummy waited for the wet stuff to stop before taking me out. We managed a good 90 minute walk and got back to Nanny's house just as the wet misty stuff came back. Perfect timing Mummy, well done!

I have two comfy beds to choose from here and I am also allowed on the bed in the guest room that Mummy sleeps in (naturally). I love jumping up on the bed when Mummy is there and snuggling up for a cuddle, just like I do at home.

Well, mentioning beds has reminded me that I need a snooze so I'll sign off now. I keep reminding Mummy that we need to come back to see you all soon. She has promised me we will make another trip to see you.

Love & Licks

Arik xxx





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