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Here is my sixth blog post to share with you all.

Dear cousin Arik,

Well, what an adventure we've had!

We went away for a few days in the motorhome, but just as the hoomans were trying to find a supermarket, Daddy said the clutch had gone.

I don't know what a clutch is, but whatever it was, it broke the motorhome. We were stuck at the side of a road, on double yellow lines, and couldn't go anywhere. Mummy said some rude words - the words she sometimes says when she's really upset - and took me outside for a walk.

Daddy phoned somebody, and a long time later - Mummy said it was an hour and a half - a man came with a truck thing to tow the motorhome away. Mummy and me couldn't go in it though, but luckily, she'd contacted a friend called Yvonne who lived nearby, and she - with her husband Phil - came and took Mummy and me to the campsite.

Mummy didn't have any food, so the kind people took her shopping too

Unfortunately, the shop never had my food, so Mummy had to get something else and it made me poorly. I didn't mean to wake them up in the early hours of the morning, but I had an upset tummy. Mummy said I was a good girl for waking them to say I needed to go out though. Daddy spent ages - and lots of phone credit - trying to get someone to help mend the motorhome, but nobody could come until Tuesday, four days later!

So, we were stuck on a campsite in a place called Malvern. At least it wasn't raining!

Cherry Blog tina nad tina

Tina Jaray and me

Mummy must have been really bored because I had about six walks each day. On Sunday, I met auntie TJ. She follows our blog, and is a Facebook friend of Mummy's. She came to visit us. I liked her, she's a nice hooman. Mummy and Daddy said she was lovely too. They've invited her to stay, I hope she comes. Then some hoomans on the next pitch went shopping and brought back some of my proper food, so my tummy settled down.

Tuesday finally arrived, and two men - they were young hoomans, not old ones like Daddy - came and mended the motorhome. It cost Daddy lots of money, but hurray, we could go home! It was a long drive back, and really hot, but we finally arrived home at 6:30pm.

Mummy said she couldn't be bothered to cook, so we all went out to a pub for a meal. Last time we went there, I almost had a pussycat for my supper! It was coming out of the door as we went in.

I must say I'm glad to be back home again in my familiar surroundings. Mummy and Daddy's comfy bed, and the sofa where I snuggle up to Daddy each night.

I hope we don't go away again too soon, I don't think I - or Mummy - can take the excitement!

By the way, Daddy weighed me the other day, I'm now 31.4kg. Help, they're starving me! Oh what I'd give for a big piece of cheese or a digestive biscuit!

Love and licks, Cherry xx

Cherry blog


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