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Muddy Mutts

The main reason we started up our pet photography business is because of our love of pets. And one aspect of this is pet rescue.

Our Journey...

I have often gone to rescue centres to help including walking dogs, for work experience, as well as to adopt animals myself. I have also recommended to others who are looking for a pet to adopt instead of buy from a breeder to help animals who need a second chance.

We started off by offering photoshoots to rescues local to us as prizes for raffles and best in shows at fun dog shows. But decided that we could offer our help in other ways too, so we have started offering portraits for rescue animals still in centres, to try and help them to find a forever home. Often the first place people look for a rescue pet is the internet, so photos are very helpful for people to judge which animal they would like to adopt.

Muddy Mutts

How could you turn down those eyes

However some animals are not easy to photograph and a lot of the time the first photos a potential adopter sees does not show the animal in their best light or are taken by the rescue staff while trying to do all the other day to day tasks as well.

So we offer to come to the rescue for a few hours and get some professional photos of some of the rescues animals. We use colourful backdrops to help catch peoples eyes.

Muddy Mutts

Looks like that was a good meal! 

We also try to get the best expression ­ ears up/forward, looking towards the camera, again trying to make the animal seem better to potential adopters. We hope these will help more rescue animals to find their forever homes they deserve quickly.

What is our Memory Lane Photo shoot?

A Memory Lane Photo shoot is everything your pet means to you captured in images for you to cherish forever.

We are offering this pet photo shoot free to people whose pets are terminally ill or elderly.

There is no worse feeling than knowing your beloved pet and companion is nearing their final outing. We know as we have been there ourselves,and because of this we know how important those memories are.

Our aim with this photo shoot is to give you a set of memories you can cherish for a lifetime. Ones that every time you look at, will remind you what is great about and what you love so much about your companion. Whether it's the silly expression when your pet lab is offered a squeaky toy or the way your cat chases a wind up mouse, we will capture those moments for you.

muddy mutts

One of life's simple pleasures!

The saying "A picture is worth a 1000 words" is a very poignant one and, we feel, very true. We aim to give you those pictures and hopefully make these last days a little easier.

We have had experience with these types of shoots and we make them go as smoothly and easily as possible to give you and your pet a great collection of images as well as the memories of the session as well.

If you would like to know more and to book one of these photo shoots for our pet please contact us and we will arrange your photo shoot as soon as possible. We keep slots free to ensure we can book these when needed.

All photos copyright Muddymuttsphotography

Meet The Author...
Sian Perry
Who Am I?

I was born in Bristol and have always loved animals and had pets since a young age.

I took animal care courses and did work experience in a riding stable, a vets and a small animal rescue centre.

I have worked with all sorts including rabbits, reptiles, dogs and horses for years, mostly walking and training dogs, and caring for pets and then taking up pet photography.

Now after moving to West Wales I am carrying on this passion for all things pets.

We have 3 dogs, a Springer, a Springer cross Cocker and a Collie, who are loving it out here and the fact their garden is now huge!

I enjoy walking our dogs and finding some of the lovely walks around where we live has been brilliant and I'm also improving my drawing skill as i have enrolled on a pet portrait course so i can draw them as well, another way to capture them in my memories and also I'm carrying on our pet care and photography business.

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