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Sheila H article

Do you have any used stamps? Perhaps consider sending them to the above?

New Start Cat Rescue is run by volunteers who rely on the goodwill of cat lovers to support them.

Anybody who would like to can pay a monthly amount from as little as £2 to help buy food and litter.

They are always looking for loving homes.

Please send donations to New Start Cat Rescue, Used Stamp Appeal, Fords Farm, Horsey, Norfolk, NR29 4EP

Meet The Author...
Sheila Holley
Who Am I?

Hereford born,I moved to Malvern aged 11. At 16 I left home to live in Birmingham,working and living in a children's home and training to be a Nursery Nurse.

In the mid seventies I had the opportunity to train as a midwife and entered the profession in a half hearted manner! It turned out to be a great career choice and I loved mostly every minute until I took early retirement in 2007. The job I loved so much had changed hugely and I felt if I couldn't do it my way then I would have to find another way to earn a living!

I now work part time in a nursery with children aged 6 months to 4 years so have returned to my roots! I am married with a great stepdaughter and 2 scrumptious granddaughters one of which I look after 1 day a week. Its lovely to have a flexible working pattern after so many years of working antisocial hours- weekends,Christmas and other bank holidays.At last I'm as near "normal" as I'm ever going to be!

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