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Pauline B dog

It is not just us humans that get old and find walking difficult, but it happens to our pets too.

We have two rescue doggies; Poppy we took from the rescue centre eight and half years ago and will be fourteen on the 1st January. Barney, our other dog, is coming up six and half and we gave him a home after he had been rescued from a family that did not look after him and left him crying, hungry and thirsty.

He was just ten months back then. From the moment Barney came to live with us he looked up to Poppy and worshiped her and if she told him off, he obeyed her

Today, Poppy is almost blind in her right eye (she’s never had a left eye in all the years she’s been with us) and is a tad deaf too, or is it selective hearing?

She has always been a walker and has walked more miles than any big dog could, she loved to be out and walking with us

Pauline B dog

Barney and Poppy happy together

Every day of the week we get up and out by 7am latest and walk between five and six kilometres along the seafront where we live. This last year Poppy has become slower and often stops and looks up to me as if to ask me to pick her up, which I do. The walks have been cut down, but Barney still needs long walks.

Unfortunately he will not go out without Poppy. A problem, a big problem!

Pauline B dog

Poppy, happy in his stroller!

Years ago, before we had Barney, we bought a Doggy Ride buggy to hitch onto the back of our bikes so Poppy could come with us on our cycle rides. After we took Barney in this stopped and the Doggy Ride was stored in the garage. Now years later the Doggy Ride has come back into its own and has been converted to a stroller. Special designed for little dogs, Poppy seems to love it which means we are back to longer walks for Barney and he still has his best friend with him.

All is not lost or anyone left behind just because our little friend is old and slow.

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