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Healthspan Vetvits

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I am a big fan of Healthspan supplements and have been taking them for years.

Did you know that they sell a wide range of supplements through their VetVits division? Dogs, cats and horses are catered for. Two of my good friends have dogs as pets and Healthspan sent me some samples for them to try.

Vet vits Healthspan

Photo copyright Healthspan

Please take a few minutes to read the following extract from the Healthspan website.

Vet vits ad

Photo copyright Healthspan

Our Story

The VetVits story began 18 years ago when Healthspan's nutritional experts approached 2 former presidents of the British Small Veterinary Association who all together developed a range of supplements to support cats, dogs, and horses.

Since then we have gained the trust and loyalty of our customers by providing affordable , high quality vitamins and supplements for your pet or horse with excellent customer care and expert advice.

For your Dog

Nutritional imbalance can be a factor in many common dog ailments. VetVits products are a careful balance of essential vitamins and micro-nutrients to help support optimum nutrition.

VetVits also provide a range of tasty functional treats as well as flea and worming treatments containing exactly the same active ingredients as those available through your vet. Our glucosamine combination product Flexi-Joints is also the best-selling joint care product for dogs in the UK.

Vet vits

Photo copyright Healthspan

Vet vits

Photo copyright Healthspan

Let me introduce you to Larkin who lives next door to me with his owners Chris and Steve.

'Hi, I'm Mr Larkin, I've been taking the tasty Glossy Coat Omega from Healthspan for only a week, look how fabulous I look, must be the Omega 3,6,9 plus vitamin E, Zinc and Biotin with Fatty Acids including DHA and EPA!' The Flexi-Joints pills will help to keep my little legs in good condition and reduce any stiffness after my long walks with Mum and Dad and very often Mrs Oapschat too. She likes to walk me MILES!'

Larkin Vet vits

Larkin inspecting his lawn for trespassing birds!

Larkin Vet vits

Glossy Coat Omega went down well!

Larkin Vet vits

Waiting to take Flexi-Joints pill

Let's move on to Alfie who lives with my good friend Sheila and her husband Dave in a street not far from where I live.

'I am Alfie and I love supplements but then mum says I am like a hoover who will take anything- wormers, flea tablets bring it on!' Your products taste great and I am FULL of energy every day!'

Sheila said to me.'I believe the best way to keep a dog healthy and in good shape is quality food in correct amount and lots of activity to increase muscle strength and stimulate the mind.'

Alfie vetvits

Alfie guarding his house!

Alfie Vetvits

Alfie and Sheila making the most of a sunny day

So there we go, two testaments from the dogs themselves!

If you are the owner of a dog, a cat or a horse, VetVits are sure to have a product that will enhance the health and well being of your animal.

Read my previous article about Healthspan 'human' products here.

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