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Cherry Week 2

Here is my second post to share with you.

Dear Arik,

Mummy says when you next visit can you ask auntie Sara to bring a large roll of bubble wrap because she needs it for me.

I'm not quite sure what she means, but it might have something to do with Mummy saying I'm the clumsiest, most accident prone doggie she's ever met.

We went shopping earlier - well Mummy did, Daddy and I waited outside at the seats on the pavement and watched the goings on - and when she'd finished, we went across the road to the pet shop

Mummy got me some fish skins and a pig's ear, and then we went to the butcher's. Mmmm I was beside myself with excitement at all the meat smells coming out of the shop. I couldn't stop my mouth from drooling.

Mummy came back out with a big marrow bone for me, which I desperately wanted. I jumped up at her and tried to say, 'Please can I have it right now?' but she hid it away in her bag.

Then some people stopped us and chatted for ages. They've got nine dogs - nine! - and one's a greyhound. I whined a bit because I was bored. They'd just bought me a tasty bone and were standing around chatting! 'Never mind that, let's get home so I can eat it,' I wanted to say. Humans can be a bit slow at times. I try my best to let them know what I want, but we just don't speak the same language

Anyway, we finally arrived home and Mummy gave me my bone. I laid on my mat out on the patio eating it, it was so yummy. But then something hurt me, I think I bit my tongue and I squealed. I then bit off a really sharp piece of bone, and tried to eat it. Mummy jumped up immediately and came over to see what had happened and take the sharp piece away. I thought she was going to take my whole bone so I growled at her. I didn't mean to. Daddy went indoors and came back with the pig's ear, which he gave me, and took the bone away.

Mummy waited until I'd eaten the pig's ear, then looked in my mouth to see why I'd squealed, but she couldn't see anything. She cuddled me and said, 'What are you like? You even hurt yourself eating a bone.'

I don't think they'll buy me another one, I'll just have to settle for pigs' ears and my buffalo horn instead.

So I think Mummy wants the bubble wrap to cover me with so I can't hurt myself anymore. I know I'm a clumsy dog, but I can't help it. Maybe it's because I'm only young? Mummy said she hopes I'll grow out of it, Daddy said but she hasn't, she's still clumsy, so hmm, maybe I won't!

Have a nice weekend,

Love and licks, Cherry xxx

PS, here's me in a silly hat.

Cherry Week 2

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