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 Christmas Magic poem

We all have our thoughts about Christmas, here is a short poem to share with you all. Happy Christmas! 


It’s that special time of year
When we’re supposed to be full of cheer
But here we are, all of us moaning
Because it’s raining instead of snowing

The panicking starts in early December
Last year’s gifts? I can’t remember
I don’t want to buy the same again
Now I remember - it was personalised pens!

Christmas is when parents cower
Under the full force of pester power
The kids are always hassling Dad
They all want the latest fad

Eternal shopping, going round and round
The perfect present must be found
Tired and stressed – are we still merry?
I need a rest and a sup of sherry

The TV ads give me a headache
And there’s two dozen mince pies to bake
There must be something good on telly
But the remote control’s fallen in the jelly

The special day dawns, it's Christmas day!
Dust off the board games, they're fun to play
And bathroom shelves throughout the land
Remain cluttered with the same brand

The turkey’s burnt, the sprouts are soggy
The baby’s wrestling with the moggy
The tree sparkles, it looks so pretty
I’m nearing the end of my little ditty

What I’m trying to say is this
Our Christmas festival should not be missed
Out of the window, I hope to see
A twinkling star, pure magic for me.

Written by Sharon Boothroyd

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