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Don't Be Sad

Think not that I am happy in this parting we must share,
Although I'm not sad going don't think that I don't care,

For I have loved you all so much, and long to ease your sorrows.
Don't think that I won't still be there in all of your tomorrows.

I'll help to scatter flowers, in your garden bright.
Send music with a speckled thrush which lingers in its flight.
The summer breeze that whispers, listen and you'll hear,
Although you may not see me, you will surely know I'm near.

I will be the thought that lifts you when you're feeling sad.
That extra bit of energy, you didn't know you had.
I'll give you inspiration and pace each step you take,
Be there when you go to sleep, make sure you safely wake.

And as you grow to miss me a little less each day,
You'll know that I have asked for strength to help you on your way.
Be happy that you knew me, remember things I said,
And one day when you join me, you will see that I'm not dead.

By Pam Whittington.

This poem was taken from 'Sunshine and Showers' which can be purchased here.

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