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Imagination Mary B Poem

Does your imagination ever run away with you?


I was sat outside with my cup of tea
when my imagination ran away with me.
It took me under the gooseberry bush
We were going so fast I had to rush.


I saw things I had never seen
Dragons Goblins and Fairy queens.
They didnt see me passing by
I was invisble to the naked eye.


I needed time to stop and think
I didn't have the time to blink.
Landing on a lump of clay
I realised to my dismay

That I was in the cabbage patch
Watching the larva that might hatch.
Into a swirling mass of grubs
That would eat up all my shrubs.

There was nothing I could do
Except to hit them with my shoe.
And like a fish without a flipper
I found that I had lost my slipper.

So after sitting for a while
I realised and had to smile.
My imagination had set me free.
And so I finished my cup of tea.

Meet The Author...
Mary Beckett
Author: Mary Beckett
Who Am I?

My name is Mary, I am nearly 78 but don't tell anyone! I like to create fairy lands in my garden. I love writing poetry, my grandchildren think I am crazy.

I look at life and see a poem. I look down the garden and my imagination runs riot!

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