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Sue Eaton poem

We all need a cleaning fairy!! Here is a witty poem from Suzanne Eaton


In amongst the rubble, beneath his bed,

Lives my boyfriend's favourite pet.

She thrives under there where it's dusty and hairy,

Because she's his magical cleaning fairy!


She hovers behind him where ever he goes

Sweeping up toenails and picking up clothes.

She lets him relax and does all of the jobs,

So he can live the life of a complete and utter slob.


He can finish a drink, hot or cold,

Then leave the cup out until it starts to sprout mould.

Once upon a time, before he brought his new pet home,

The mould got so thick that he could have sworn he heard it groan!


Tearing through the house, a path of destruction in his wake,

He never gives his poor little fairy a break,

He's got no time for cleaning, housework is such a bore,

But that's OK cos in the blink of an eye, the house is magically spotless once more.


She eats up crisp packets for breakfast, dirty socks for tea,

She snacks on dust until his house is pristine.

He loves their little arrangement, but if only he really knew,

That it's all the secret handy work, of his sucker of a girlfriend, Sue!

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