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 Poem Mind Games

Many of us enjoy puzzles, crposswords etc, here is a short poem which I hope you will enjoy reading.


There's a new trend buzzing - have you heard?
Crosswords are the home for words
If you love to write and spell
Puzzles can fill your time quite well

Whether cryptic or straight
Crosswords are great!
They get us thinking, night and day
I simply must crack 3 down today!

If you feel lost
At seven across
Take a little breather,
You'll feel better
When the right letter
Completes the puzzling teaser

It's a case of clever deduction
Dredging the brain for information
Clues that fit the correct solution
It takes patience and dedication

When we go on to share the clues
Filling those blanks will banish the blues
They help with mental agility
Lots of fun for you and me!

Written by Sharon Boothroyd

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Who Am I?

KISHBOO e-magazine was launched in October 2014 by a husband and wife team, Keith & Sharon Boothroyd from West Yorkshire.

As well at ten entertaining stories, the e-magazine contains articles, puzzles, an ‘Info bites page and book reviews.

We publish 4 times a year. It’s FREE online, FREE on an android and 99p on kindle.

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