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This poem was meant for my greyhound friends, but applies to all rescued pets.


My beloved Cherry

Remember me when the sun shines, remember me in the rain,

Remember all our happy times, when I was free from pain.

Remember when you took me home, that very special day?
You said it was forever, you promised I could stay.

We had so much fun together, long walks, and cuddles too,
I never needed very much, as long as I had you.

Remember all those moments, the memories we made,
They'll help to keep you smiling, and my face will never fade.

I'll be with you for always, we'll never be apart,
Although you cannot see me now, I'm right there, in your heart.

Meet The Author...
Tina K Burton
Who Am I?

Tina K Burton started writing seriously ten years ago, when she began a creative writing course. Within the year she was selling short stories to the women's magazines, and articles to various other publications.

Both her novels have been signed by Crooked Cat Publishing - Chapters of Life was released in August 2013, and made it into Amazon's top 100 bestseller list for its particular genre. The Love Shack was released at the end of July 2015.

She is currently writing her third book, about a girl who dies suddenly and finds herself back in the thirties.

When she's not writing, she loves to take her re homed greyhound for walks in Devon where she lives with her husband.

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