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It's a shock to realise you are a septuagenarian - how can that have happened?

Best though to keep smiling. Just be glad that you WERE once quite glamorous even though the wrinkles now show. As my poem says wrinkles write the manuscript of your life.

So, let's raise our glasses, Happy Birthday to me and everyone else who shares this special day!

It was a party game,
each of us bringing a photo
of ourselves when young.
Unlabeled, so we could guess
each other’s identity.

Some people were instantly
deduced, looking much the same
at 10 or 20 as they did at 60.
Others, though, including me,
puzzled them for a while.

Then, those revealing words.
“Gosh, you were really glamorous”
‘were’ . Realising, she tried to
make amends, dug the hole
even deeper.

There’s a promise on every jar,
assuring miracles,
but I wondered,
do I really want to look
as I did then?

Because it’s experience
that etched those lines,
each crease and sag
retelling my saga,
my face the manuscript of my life.

Lexley George 70

Me today

Meet The Author...
Lexley George
Who Am I?

I’ve been writing poetry and short stories for some time but “How Could She Persuade Him” is my first venture into a novel which I self-published through Amazon. (see the advert).

My favourite Jane Austen book is “Persuasion” and this was the inspiration for my novel. Anna, the heroine is older than most rom-com heroines, ‘old hen’ rather than ‘chick’ lit. As she laments, “Why was it that in all romances the heroine had to be young, sassy, and slim? Why indeed?

I suppose all novels are to some degrees autobiographical but I’m not Anna although she does have some of my characteristics – especially comfort eating!

Apart from writing I love cooking for friends, reading and trying to keep fit with dancing and swimming – something has to counteract the over-eating! I also belong to a reading group and host one for local writers. I do try to concentrate on writing though and have just produced a collection of poems* and am working on another novel. This is more of a psychological thriller.

When I was younger I lived for a few years each in the West Indies and the Middle East - both great experiences. I also enjoyed teaching evening class cookery for quite a while, before starting my own catering business in Wales. One of my regular clients was a recording studio and despite knowing nothing about pop music after the 1960s, it was a great experience getting to know all the groups. They were always very worried if I liked the piece they were working on!

Now my husband and I are lucky enough to have retired to live between Southampton Water and the New Forest. When we have time we really appreciate the beauty of the area. However, like most of us “people of a certain age” between all the activities and family visits to our four children and nine grandchildren we wonder how we ever had time for a “proper” job.

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