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Here are a couple of silly poems to lighten things up a bit!


She wears diamante drop ear-rings
and cropped tops
(her midriff all naked and bare),
black, skin-tight leggings
and a bow in her upswept hair.
She goes to raves and dances
until the rosy dawn;
can drink with the best -
cocks a snoot at the rest -
'Life's for living' is her philosophy.
'You're a spoilsport!' you say?
'Let the girl have her day.'
The girl?
My gran's seventy three...


He was a vegetarian
by birth-sign Sagittarian.
She was into lamb and mint
wore leather shoes
and did not stint
on pork, or beef or venison.
And so he said 'If, very soon
you do not change your naughty traits
there will just be no more dates.'
But she went on eating sausages,
so no more is he hers
or is she his!

Meet The Author...
Joy Lennick
Who Am I?

Most important 'jobs:' wife and mother to three sons. Hooked on reading and writing from a young age (wrote a simple play in junior school: acted on the stage). Joined the library at seven and that was it; the love affair continues...

First worked as a junior secretary, then secretary. Favourite job: A publishing company, Kaye & Ward in the City of London.

Apart from the odd poem, letter and article in magazines, and one poem read on Bournemouth radio, had various poems published in anthologies and won a few prizes. Ran my own Poetry Club for a while. Published: Celtic Cameos & Other Poems.

Factual books published: Running Your Own Small Hotel, & Jobs in Baking & Confectionery (Kogan Page Ltd., London), Updated two other author's books. As Biographer:Hurricane Halsey (True adventure), Memoir: My Gentle War; Faction novel: The Catalyst. Several short stories published in WordPlay anthologies (one winning lst prize through 'Writing' magazine as the best writing circle anthology of 2012 in the UK). A Group Leader for Creative Writing for the U3A group in Torrevieja, Spain.
More 'marinating...'

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