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Witches Hollow

I am delighted to share my first poem for the website with you. I hope you enjoy reading it!


I saw a witch the other day
And she was very old.
She was throwing down a lump of clay
To turn it into gold.

She mumbled and she grumbled
Trying to cast a spell.
And somewhere in the distance
I heard a mournful bell.

As I watched my body froze
I could not move at all
A spider crawled across my nose
On my foot a beetle crawled.

The witch was in a woodland glade
And as the light began to fade
I very quietly tried to follow
A voice in my head whispered to me
Beware Witches Hollow.

Don't enter don't go in there
Because you wont come out.
A dragon hissed a warning
A purple frog a shout.

Silently I crept away
A cat began to follow.
I'd live to fight another day
I was free from witches hollow.


Meet The Author...
Mary Beckett
Author: Mary Beckett
Who Am I?

My name is Mary, I am nearly 78 but don't tell anyone! I like to create fairy lands in my garden. I love writing poetry, my grandchildren think I am crazy.

I look at life and see a poem. I look down the garden and my imagination runs riot!

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