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HilaryC Baby poem

I’m not a poet but this was written from the heart and with much love for my little miracle 1 1/2lb (680g) Grandson …


You were born a little early …

Your birth was unexpected and as you lay in your glass womb,

The world moved on unaffected by your premature arrival.

However those of us who knew you were completely grounded,

We were wrapped tightly in the folds of the blanket of worry.

It’s now a year since that unexpected day, a year of hope, worry and love,

But you have repaid us fourfold, with your unending smiles of joy,

and month by month, little by little, you have batted away all our anxieties.


Yes, you were born a little early …

But with each passing day, the date of your arrival matters less and less,

For you are our darling Archie, you are your parent’s ecstatic joy.

You are your grandparents overwhelming pride, and all your family love you.

So on this momentous first birthday how wonderful to be able to wish you well,

You’ve enriched our very core by reminding us of the vulnerability of life,

And this timely reminder has fostered a wisdom that will change our lives forever.

Happy Birthday Archie, may that wonderful smile be with you for evermore

HilaryC baby poem

Happy smiling Archie

EDITOR: Read Hilary's article about Archie here.

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Hilary Coombes
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Hi folks, just a bit about me …I was born in Devon and brought up in Bristol. After juggling family and studying for university as a mature student I taught in various schools and colleges, eventually specialising in teaching blind students which was so rewarding.

I now live between Somerset and Spain with my husband, and at last I can indulge my passion to write. My debut novel ‘The Hen Party’ was accepted by a publisher and is now available on Amazon. (I’ve been floating on air since I knew!) It's about a flamboyant 50 year old woman who is forced to confront her deeply buried feelings when one of her companions reveals a secret.

I believe we all need to be happy and healthy to enjoy life so I do my best to ensure my writing makes people smile.

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