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Feeling tired and rundown and lost your spark? According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) Iron deficiency is the most common and widespread nutritional disorder in the world.

This extract from the WHO website states:-

As well as affecting a large number of children and women in developing countries, it is the only nutrient deficiency which is also significantly prevalent in Industralized Countries. The numbers are staggering: 2 billion people – over 30% of the world’s population – are anaemic, many due to iron deficiency.

I have been sent an article by Mark from which is well worth a read and also there is a great offer at the end for our members! Here are a few lines first from their website too.

'Iron is essential to our bodies, as it is required for many metabolic processes. As the building block for the pigment in the red blood corpuscles, it helps to feed our cells and organs with oxygen. Iron is also a valuable building block for many enzymes and involved in the regulation of many cell proceses esential to life. The most important of these being the body's energy metabolism.If your body does not get enough Iron, the human 'engine' will start to splutter. Do you feel 'listless'? Are you often tired or un-focused? Do you sometimes suffer from a lack of appetite? These can all be indications of an insufficient iron supply.'

It's rare that iron deficiency in developed countries is severe enough to be life threatening but a continued lack of iron can cause reduced cognitive skills and result in an impaired immune system, extreme lethargy and hair loss.

Iron supplementation is available in many forms, the most common is ferrous fumerate which is often prescribed as its the cheapest form of iron but is often the cause of stomach sensitivity, nausea and constipation and has a very poor absorption rate in the body.

IronVITAL® M+ contains a new generation of iron. The microfine Iron M+ microspheres are coated with special natural protective layer, which allows them to pass into the stomach without irritating the mucosa.

The majority of iron is not released until the Iron M+ microspheres reach the small intestine. This way, stomach irritation is practically ruled out.

IronVITAL® M+ chewable tablets have a fruity, berry taste and are also suitable for children.

To ensure an increased bioavailability of iron, IronVITAL® M+ is enriched with vitamin C. In addition, IronVITAL® M+ contains folic acid, which plays a role during pregnancy. Furthermore, folic acid contributes to normal blood formation and to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

Iron Vital M+ chewable tablets are gluten free, lactose free, vegetarian and vegan and are sweetened with the natural Stevia plant.

It’s important to remember that your daily requirements for Iron change during your life, the guide below gives a recommended daily dosage of Vital Iron M depending on which group you are in. Each tablet provides 15mg of Iron.

Pregnant women

2 tablets

Nursing mothers

1 ½

Girls aged 10 and upwards


Women of childbearing age


Women aged 51 and up

½ to 1

Children aged 4-7


Children aged 7-10

½ to 1

Boys and young men



½ to 1


We are offering a FREE full size pack of Iron Vital M+ chewable tablets (Normal RRP £12.95) to the first 500 Oapschat members. All you need to do is visit and enter coupon code OAP2 and your full-size pack will be discounted to £0.00. All that we ask is that you pay the standard delivery charge of £2.95. Please note that only 1 pack can be ordered per individual however up to 2 packs can be ordered individually per household provided they are ordered separately and subject to each paying the delivery charge.

If you prefer to order by telephone, please ring 01782 366080 and quote OAP2 when you place your order.

By Mark McCarty

EDITOR: My thanks to Mark and healty2u for their very generous offer. 

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