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Studies have long concluded that flowers have an immediate positive impact on mood, well-being, and the psychological health of people. Having flowers is most rewarding if you enjoy gardening and growing your own flowers and plants.

However, not everyone has the benefit of a garden and green thumbs to be able to do so, which is why artificial flowers can provide a great alternative for situations where fresh is not practical or simply inappropriate. For example, if you lead a busy lifestyle that does not permit you to take care of fresh flowers, it could be easier and in some cases even more cost-effective to buy an artificial arrangement that will last a life time and will never wilt as cut flowers inevitably do.

Because they can always be in bloom, it might be a bit obvious if you had daffodils blooming in your house when it’s a drab November evening outside. The simple solution is a seasonal array of artificial arrangements that you can swap throughout the year. But there’s nothing to stop you from feeling it might be summer with a nice steaming cup of tea and a beautiful arrangement of sunflowers on your coffee table.

GT Decorations offer a range of unique arrangements in varying styles and types of flowers, aiming for a sweet spot of quality and price. This makes them perfect gifts that are different from what you can usually find at florists and in supermarkets. You can have the flowers delivered directly and add a personalised message, whether to say thanks, congratulate, or wish someone well. Indeed, with many hospitals banning fresh flowers from wards due to ‘health and safety’ concerns, what could be more thoughtful than sending an artificial bouquet instead?

And with Mother’s Day just around the corner (30th March), here are five ideas for giving the most important lady in your life a very special, everlasting gift:

Daffodils & Tulips


Depicted above, this bouquet of spring flowers is cheery and colourful. For a mother from Wales this could have additional special meaning, as Daffodils are Wales’ national flower.

Carnations and Freesias


Carnations have been an ‘official’ Mother’s day flower since the early 20th century and are said to signify anything from love to admiration and gratitude. Pink carnations in particular are meant to symbolise ‘always on my mind’

Mums for mums Chrysanthemums and Daisies

yellow. flowerjpg

Chrysanths are sometimes given for Mothers’s day in Australia, where they are in season at that time. If you are from Australia and would like to keep up the tradition while in the UK, artificial chrysanthemums can help you out.

Yellow Roses and Lilies

yellow2 flower

Yellow Roses signify joy, gladness and friendship. Combine this with yellow lilies, which symbolise gaiety or ‘walking on air’, and you have a friendly and joyous, luxurious bunch of flowers to show your appreciation for mum. Joy, gladness and friendship - this bouquet says it all.

What’s mum’s favourite flower, and colour? Chances are a combination is available that may not have an ‘official’ meaning, but will mean so much more to her. And as we all know, often it is the thought that counts the most.

So whether you end up giving an arrangement of artificial flowers or fresh ones, or even if you don’t send anything at all, your mum will likely appreciate a call on the 30th. But if you’re the mum, give them a cheeky little nudge to remember and send them this link!

By Thomas Timbul

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