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Fentimans new drinks

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 What's your favourite mixer drink? Mine is any one of Fentimans superb range!

I have written three previous evaluations for Fentimans. Their range is fantastic. So many superb flavours of drinks, both soft and alcoholic. 

So what is in my latest pack?

I have been sent eight 500mls Mixers. 2 x 500mls of Pink Grapefruit Tonic Water, 1 x 500mls Rose Lemonade, 1 x Premium Indian Tonic Water, 1 x 500mls Bitter Lemon 1 x 500mls Botanical Tonic Water,1 x Naturally Light Tonic Water and 1 x Ginger Beer & Muddled Lime. These are great companions for various alcoholic drinks, but are equally superb to drink on their own. 

With Christmas on the way, we don't all want to be drinking alcohol. If the driver loves an alternative to the usual gin and tonic or glass of wine, these mixers are well worth sampling. Also many of us may take medication that prevents us from drinking alcohol, so a quality soft drink is needed! 

Fentimans have a fantastic website which lists their ranges of soft drinks, mixers, pre mixed alcoholic beverages and craft beers.  Along with their history, there is even a short video to watch!

Fentimans - Botanical Brewing Stories: Heritage 

So, down to business and the pleasure of drinking these latest flavours.


 Fentimans new

Rose Lemonade

What a lovely name for a drink! Conjours up images of summer and the inclusion of pure rose oil with natural botanical extracts gives this lemonade a unique and pleasurable taste. 

Fentimans new

 Derek enjoyed this on its own, but agreed a measure of gin with it would certainly make a very pleasant drink


Fentimans new

Ginger Beer & Muddled Lime

Those of you who know me, know I drink Fentimans Ginger Beer regularly, at least once a week, so the addition of lime was indeed interesting! This would mix well with rum, vodka or even whisky, but I chose to drink it 'straight' and have now added another favourite to my list! I am also going to try it with whisky when I have a cold.


 Fentimans new

Naturally Light Tonic Water

Containing 30% less sugar and only 24kcals in 100ml., this is a must for those of us who want to enjoy a light and clean tasting drink. Super accompaniment for gin or martini.


 Fentimans new

Pink Grapefruit Tonic Water

This is a FIRST! Ruby red grapefruit combined with quinine make this a refreshing tonic water with a zesty bite on the tongue. Vodka and pink grapefruit, now there is an unusual and refreshing drink. Must try this combination soon!

Fentimans new

Enjoying a refreshing glass on its own


 Fentimans new

Bitter lemonade

I have always enjoyed bitter lemon either on its own or with alcohol. However this bitter lemonade is in a league of its own. Quite simply, the best in my opinion! My neighbours shared this bottle with me and as before, their dog Mr Larkin wanted to be photographed once more! He also enjoyed the few sips he was allowed!

Fentimans new mixers

Fentimans Mixers

Fentimans Mixers

Mr Larkin loves to join in!


Fentimans new

Botanical Tonic Water

Do you like limes?  Super combination of botanical flavours and lime flowers make this a superb tonic water. A great partner for gin and no need to buy the fresh limes as the flavours bring out the taste so well!


Fentimans Drinks

Premium Indian Tonic Water

Another great sounding name for a drink! My late father worked in the wine and spirits industry and on a Friday lunchtime, he used to bring some samples of various drinks home. I can clearly remember Indian Tonic Water from the 60's and this clean tasting variety with added quinine brought back memories. Oh and quinine is very good for you if you suffer with cramp!!

I hope this article may have whetted your appetite to buy some or all of the fabulous Fentimans drinks listed here.

Please see my previous evaluations of Fentimans products here, here, and here.

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