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 Jo and Seph Popcorn

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Last year, I was delighted to receive three taster bags of gourmet popcorn from connoisseurs Joe & Sephs. This week I have been sent four different flavour packs and a jar of caramel sauce. Let me begin!

If you are a popcorn lover do take a look at all the varieties they make and sell.

As their fabulous mouth watering website states:-

'Joe & Seph's are a family business who launched in 2010 with a mission to produce the best tasting popcorn in the world.

All of our popcorn is handmade in London, by a small team of pastry chefs.

We now have a range of over 40 flavours of gourmet popcorn, 6 varieties of caramel sauce and have won a total of 24 Great Taste Awards!'

So to evaluate the packs, I began with a savoury pack.

Joes popcorn

Derek looking forward to this unusual combination

Joes popcorn

A VERY satisfied customer!


A popcorn made with these ingredients, how intriguing! I have never imagined that popcorn with cheese and pepper could mix, but this works a treat. The pepper comes through first followed by the creaminess of the cheese taking the edge off the sweetness of the popcorn. What a fabulous 'nibble' to offer to guests at a dinner party! Derek would have eaten the whole packet given the chance, but I found that a few kernals were sufficient as the flavours are quite powerful.


Enjoying popcorn outside in the sunshine

Joe and Sephs

Derek loves this flavour too!


This is the most popular variety sold to date and I can see why. Tasting the popcorn, the sea salt is prevalent, but then the the creamy sweetness kicks in resulting in a wonderful combination of sweet and savoury.

Jim popcorn

My son James takes a fancy to this popcorn!

Jim popcorn

This is worthy of its award!


One of my favourite teatime treats is banana and peanut butter on toast. When I first popped a kernal into my mouth, this is what I thought of! Creamy like the banana and butter that comes through on the toast, this is similar, but the caramel is much more pronounced after two or three mouthfuls. Delicious! As my son James starts to taste this variety, there is hardly any left for me!

Joe Popcorn 

Eagerly waiting to try!

Joe popcorn

This is fantastic!


I love anything with coconut in and I knew I would love this variety even before the bag was opened! Fabulous flavours, who would have thought that cinnamon and coconut with caramel would produce such a delicious taste. I made sure I kept the pack!!


Scrumptious Caramel Sauce!

Joe and Sephs

Sauce warmed in microwave and drizzled over honeycomb dairy ice cream

Joe and Sephs

Derek can't wait to start-result- FABULOUS!

SALTED CARAMEL SAUCE - Great Taste Award Winner

Oh my goodness, a caramel sauce made with fresh cream and sea salt. This won't last long!! I treated Derek and I to some deluxe ice cream, added some popcorn and poured over the sauce. 'WOW!' Talk about moorish.

Joe & Sephs are certainly up there with the best gourmet popcorn makers. Be aware though, the popcorn and the sauces are SO TASTY, you won't want to stop eating it!!

Please see my first article about different delicious gourmet popcorn here.

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