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Are you a fan of organic products? Do you check the ingredients in yogurts before you buy especially the 'evil' refined sugar?!

I have been a fan of Yeo Valley products for a number of years as I enjoy the taste of many of their flavoured yogurts. I must admit that I haven't always checked what percentage of sugar is in individual yogurts until recently. Not only Yeo Valley, but other brands too. Some are ridiculously high in refined sugar, especially the low fat varieties.

I contacted Yeo Valley and they offered to send me some of their products to evaluate. Their website is such a wealth of information! Here is a small extract about the origin of the farm.

'It’s incredible to think that the Mead family has been farming here in Somerset since the 1400s. Needless to say, a lot has happened in that time! In the (over 50) years since Roger and Mary Mead first put down roots here, Yeo Valley has grown from a smallholding with just 30 cows into the UK’s no.1 organic dairy brand, supported by a fantastic community of like-minded people.'

Yeo valley artilce

Tim Mead and mother Mary Mead

With a lot more detail on their Timeline, a wealth of information provides fascinating reading from years gone by to the current day!

So for the evaluations.

Organic Whole Milk.


Yeo article

For the last twenty odd years I have been buying semi-skimmed milk thinking it has less sugar, when infact it has .1gm more than whole milk. Okay, the fat content is higher in whole milk,, compared to 1.8gm per 100ml. But if you are able to have fat in your diet and want a more tasty milk, then I would recommend this one.

Organic Butter

Yeo artilce

I don't care what anyone says, you cannot beat hot buttered toast with REAL butter spread on it! Margarine has had a lot of bad press recently, but when you see the way it is made, it is no wonder more people are staying with, or returning to, butter. This brand is lovely and creamy and also comes in a spreadable variety which is easier and more convenient for some people to use.

Yeo Bio Live 4 Pack

Yeo yogs

This four pack of organic live yogurt, blueberry and raspberry flavours with no added refined sugar is a definite hit with me. Each yogurt has less than 10% sugar content.  If you love a berry yogurt with only 71 kcals per 100gm, why not try these?

Yeo Natural Yogurt

Yeo valley yog

This yogurt contains only milk’s naturally occurring sugar (lactose), which is great and also has 82kcal per 100gm making it a dieter's dream desert. Not sharp like some other brands, but light and creamy and also very versatile in its uses. One theory is that natural yogurt can help with stomach problems especially if the person is on antibiotics. I have found this to be the case, but don't know if it applies to others who have tried it. Always  on my shopping list.

Yeo Greek Style Salted Caramel yogurt

Article Yeo

Now for some indulgence! If you love bitter, smoky toffee and you love cream, think of these two flavours combined in a greek style yogurt and add some salt. Very nice!  The fat content at per 100 gm and sugar content at 13.6gm per 100gm is quite high, resulting in a calorific content of 153kcals per 100gm, but we are allowed a treat now and again!

Yeo Limited Edition Winter Sun yogurt

 Yeo article

I am so pleased to see this flavour back as I have tried it before and loved it! With mango puree, organic passion fruit juice, organic pineapple juice. 102kcals per 100gm and 12gm of sugar per 100gm, this may be a little too high for some, but as with the salted caramel flavoured yogurt, this is a great alternative to a cheesecake or pastry dessert!

Do pop over to Yeo Valley website for super recipes, ideas, competitions, facts and figures and much more. A really interesting site.

All photos copyright Yeo Valley and used with permission.

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