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Adrienne Laverick

I was so frustrated yesterday, trolling around and around a well known department store looking for a decent pair of warmer 'winter' trousers.When you are on limited time, and you have to visit so many different places in the store to look before you can even decide which to try on, it becomes a chore rather than a pleasure doesn't it.

It is fairly obvious from the number of pairs of trousers I found in the wrong places yesterday---and on many other occasions---that people cannot be bothered to go all the way back to the display that they picked things from, and simply hang them up wherever they find a convenient rail of similar items.

As a consumer, I don't want to have to spend two hours doing something that could have been done in less than half that time if the items we're all displayed in the same area. This particular store isn't the only culprit, but they are one of the stores who are having to encourage us to shop there with their money off vouchers every month, and 2 for 1, 3 for 2 sales gimmicks----- which they never used to use; they were for the local struggling stores , not the "big man on the street". They do not listen to the consumer do they and they are suffering for it, but it's their loss isn't it !

"I bought a blouse which looked fine on the hanger"

The garments sizes are anther gripe of mine I'm afraid. Being a size 12/14 used to mean you could go into the store and buy an item of clothing with that size label attached and it would fit very well, but not any more. I bought a blouse which looked fine on the hanger (didn't have time to try on due to time spent searching) but when I tried it on it was so tight across the shoulders I thought I was going to have to either rip it, or 'phone a friend' to come and extricate me from it so I could return it to the store. When I took it back, we measured it against a size 8/10 across the shoulders and it was no bigger, even though the rest of the garment from under the arms was the same as other 12/14's. When I asked if there were quality control checks that should have picked that up, the assistant simply shrugged her shoulders and said that they have a lot of complaints about sizing now. How encouraging was that then !!!!!!!

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I am wearing a linen blouse from from one well known store

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"I gave up on the trouser hunt!"

I had to try on three jackets,all supposed to be the same size, before I found the one that fitted most comfortably, and the zip fastened properly. I gave up on the trouser hunt!

The layout of the stores really annoys me, and as their profits are dwindling, wouldn't you think they would listen to their customers who provide their 'bread and butter' rather than the demands of the manufacturers, who apparently want all of their goods displayed in one area. huh !

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