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I was offered a Ships biscuit the other week and it tasted, well, different. Unlike any other savoury cracker type biscuit. It tasted and smelt of the sea!

This intrigued me and so I contacted Jonathan at and was amazed to find all these exciting products on the page! Let me quote a few paragraphs from the website


'I started Cafe Môr in 2010; I was sitting at my desk in Swindon wondering how on earth I had ended up there. I was missing the sea and the beaches of Pembrokeshire and was thinking I needed to find a way to get back home quickly - spending hours every day in front of the computer in the middle of the country was not what I wanted to do. So one night I sat down and really looked at what I enjoyed in life and it became clear that the sea, food, and being creative were my passions. The next day I told my boss that I was going to work part time to allow me to start my new mobile catering career which would be based on the best of Pembrokeshire produce from the sea and wild seashore plants and seaweeds.'That summer was mostly spent racing down the M4 to Wales to prep up for weekend markets and local festivals, by the end of the summer I knew that I had to do this full time and so spent the winter planning for the big step into full time mobile catering.'


'May 8th 2011 was the first day of going full time into the business. I had spent the winter booking events for the summer and the calendar looked full, I wanted something big straight away to get my teeth into and so I booked onto Hay on Wye Book Festival which was only a few weeks away and was going to be the biggest catering job of my life.

Cafe Môr took the finals by storm winning Best looking Mobiler, Best Drink and most importantly of all Best of the Best 2011! The prize was to cater for the athletes at the London Olympic Games in the athletes village. It was a good first year!'

Do read about the next few years successes here.

Jonathan has sent me a few products to evaluate and I would like to share my findings with you.

Ships Biscuits

Ships bis

These are shaped like fish and when you bite into one, the filling is hollow. The biscuit is savoury and goes really well with paté and houmous. I also tried them topped with smoked salmon and a well known cream cheese. Delicious! There are also a variety of Ships biscuits called Captain Cat's Ship's Biscuits. Read about this variety here.  I am going to make the beetroot houmus that is on the recipe section of the website and add the Welshman's caviar as suggested in the recipe.

Retailing at £2.60 they may seem a bit dearer than other crackers, but the flavours of each variety will be unlike any other you will have tried I am sure!

Welshman's Caviar

Beachfood caviar

This sounds a rather grand product! It is infact dried toasted flakes of pure natural seaweed. Read all about the origin of this product here. I have yet to try it on beetroot houmous as described above, but have sprinkled the flakes on scrambled egg on toast. Delicious!

Retailing at £4.50 and coming in a super jar, once the product is finished, the jar will be used again for another product and I love the handles!

Captain Cat's Môr Seasoning

Beachfood seasoning

What a fantastic name for a product! Ingredients include smoked paprika, dried lemon peel and laver and dulse seaweed. Amongst the recipes is one for fish pie which includes this seasoning. A very versatile and useful seasoning product in an attractive tin.

Retailing at £3.50, this will keep for quite a while and I shall be adding this to many more dishes!

The Mermaid's Larder


What a super range of different seaweeds to add to the many recipes. I have tried Dulse on roast potatoes and Gut Weed on red cabbage. Unusual flavours, but a great change on the tastebuds!

Retailing at £12.95 for 5 x 10g containers, I think this would make a super and different gift for a family member or a close friend. 

Beachfood article

A dish my son recently recently made was Dulce Boulangère Potatoes and gutweed butter pan fried sea bass. Accompanied by brocolli. Delicious and healthy for post Christmas diet!!

I will be adding extra photos to this article as and when I make the different dishes. All images featured in this article are used with permission and copyright

If you are looking foir something a bit different to eat in 2017, do try some of these seasonings, flakes and biscuits. Available to buy from many stockists in the UK.  Cafe Môr will be back at Freshwater West from 10:00am on the 1st April 2017! Here is a description of the Cafe from the website

Cafe Mor

What is cafe Môr?

'Cafe Môr is the name given to our street food outlet at Freshwater West beach in South Pembrokeshire. 'Môr' means 'sea' in Welsh & is pronounced the same way as 'more'. Check out the menu button below to find out what great local food we serve.

Our humble little beach shack is pretty notorious on the British street food scene. In 2014 Cafe Môr won the BBC Food & Farming award for 'Best Street food/Take Away in the UK' and earlier, in 2011 it was awarded 'Best of the Best' at The British Street Food Awards.

From 2015 onward we started doing something spectacular. We became the second of only two mobile food outlets in the UK (both from Pembrokeshire) to power their kitchens using solar & wind energy. Hello sustainable energy, goodbye noisy generator!

OPENING TIMES 2016: Good Friday to the first weekend of the school summer holidays 10am-5pm. Throughout school holidays 9am-7pm. Throughout September 10am-5pm. (October-Easter closed.) Phone to check we are open if you are unsure 07422535345'

I for one, will definitely be paying a visit later this year!

Photos copyright Pembrokshire Beach Company.

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