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I am delighted to welcome Kia and Sky from Crikey Bikey. Since I published their story on the website, they are busier than ever which is fantastic! Let's sit down and have a cup of tea and some chocolate biscuits. Thank you both for agreeing to answer some questions for us. 

How do you manage to fit Crikey Bikey around your schoolwork?

We finish school at 4pm and we try to answer our emails and make phone calls straight away - often we do this in the car on the way to our after school clubs! Sometimes we do radio interviews from the car and everyone has to be really quiet during them! After we finish our homework, we pack our orders and check if we have had any messages on facebook and twitter. We also send out certificates to children who have learnt to ride their bike with our harness. We still always manage to squeeze in some tv time and we love watching The Apprentice and the Big Bang Theory!

 I see that you both went to meet Touker Suleyman, can you describe the day you spent with him?

'Dragons’ Den was an amazing experience for us and the most exciting moment in our pitch was when Touker Suleyman (one of the Dragons) offered us “Touker Time”, which has helped us in lots of ways. First he put a review on his Bike Soup website for us which helped increase our sales, and later he also offered to mentor us! This is so good because it means that when we get stuck with a decision we can ask him and he will give us advice. This has made us feel more confident and it makes running our business a lot more fun and exciting.

crikey Bikey

Outside Touker's office!

We recently met him in his London office. We gave him our agenda and Kia and I told him about our business and asked him our questions. It was so cool – he straight away helped us understand what to do! He made phone calls and invited different people in his team in to our meeting to help us sort each of our issues straight away! We really liked the way he explained things and he gave us some new ideas we hadn’t thought of.

Right at the end of our meeting he gave us “Touker Time” T shirts – I wore mine all the way home and lots of people noticed! We forgot to ask him to sign them but we will put it on our agenda for our next meeting!!”

Crikey Bikey

One excited youngster!

Christmas is fast approaching and a Crikey Bikey harness would make an ideal present for a bike learner, how much do the harnesses cost and what colours do they come in?

They cost £19.99 and they are red. They are on sale in Evans Cycles, Mountain Warehouse, and on our website too.

How long on average does it take a child to learn to ride with the harness on?

It completely depends upon the age of the child and their cycling experience, but many have learnt to ride after only one or two sessions!

Do you provide instructions with the harness and have you any of your own tips to share with us as encouragement for learning to ride a bike?

We have a top tips section on our website which explains how to make learning to ride into a fun game. It also helps to keep the child interested and happy. We don't provide instructions with the harness, but it is packaged on a cardboard boy so people can see how to put it on, and on the packaging there are some photos of it being used.

Crikey Bikey

Getting to grips with the harness!

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes - we even have a video of our harness being used in New Zealand!

Are the harnesses available in all the major UK bike stores?

Not yet but they soon will be! we have just had a very exciting meeting with Halfords :)

What age range do the harnesses fit?

We say they fit children between 4 and 7 years because children vary so much in size. They are very adjustable though and Kia can still fit into it -she is 14!

What is on your personal Christmas list?

Kia - i would love a new bike because I am too big for mine, and a new rucksack for school!

Sky - I would really like a surprise!

Finally, what are your plans for 2016?

We are looking forward to selling our harness to more retailers and are hoping to sell it abroad in major stores. We would also like to bring out some more products to make a Crikey Bikey range, but we have to make sure that they will be really popular as the minimum you can order from the manufacturer is 2000!

I hope both you and your family have a very Happy Christmas and thank you for sharing your exciting story with us so far!

Thank you! We hope you have an amazing Christmas too!

You can read the previous Crikey Bikey article here.

EDITOR: Crikey Bikey harnesses are now on sale in branches of Halfords.

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