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Me in Damart

I am a model! Well ok, I'm not really, but I am modelling two products for Damart in my own home! 

A super coat and a very stylish polo tee shirt have been sent for me to try on. And I am very pleased with both garments. Infact, I wore both of these items when I went out last Saturday evening.

Me in Damart tshirt

Lovely warm tee shirt

This Navy and white polo long sleeve teeshirt is in 100% pure cotton and looks nautical. So comfortable and although very light, extremely pleasant to wear. The attention to detail on the finishing is superb. Stitched cuffs each feature a gold and navy button to match the five buttons on the front of the garment. All in all, an excellent stylish tee shirt.


Me in Damart coat

 Super colour coat!

A red casual winter coat, made of 100% polyester fully lined in grey, this again is light and airy to wear and yet extremely comfortable and warm. What is really good is that it is machine washable at 30°c. Attention to detail is again evident and of high quality workmanship.

I can remember buying thermal vests from this company in 1970 and they certainly kept me warm when I used to wear them under my jumpers outdoors. If I'm honest, once I became a teenager, thermal vests were NOT a fashion accesory and I would prefer to shiver, rather than wear a vest!! However, once I reached my forties and now my fifties, many of Damart's lingerie and nightwear products have always been on my Christmas wish lists. The garments are hard wearing, wash perfectly and keep their shape for years.

'Damart has come a long way over the years'

Damart is a French company, founded in 1953 by three brothers famous for developing and patenting Thermolactyl, a unique man-made fibre now renowned for its ability to provide warmth without lots of bulky layers and is constantly adjusting its collections to inspire fun, vitality, innovation and care through its products and its customer relationships. To offer style and comfort, the new collections offer "trendy" styles, using materials with a sensual touch... ready-to-wear that's full of innovation with brands such as "Océalis" (refreshing action), "Lineastyl" (moisturising or slimming) and "Climatyl" (protection against the ever-changing weather).

Damart is to be found in France, the UK, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and the United States, and also has partnerships in Australia, Cyprus and Spain to distribute its products to over 10 million customers worldwide.

So the likelihood is that we all know someone who has, or has owned a Damart garment over the years. Let's hope they keep providing us with high quality fashion items and super nightwear for many more years to come! 

I would like to say thank you very much to Katy and Damart for their generosity.

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