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As I type this, it is pouring down, so dry January does not apply to the weather outside! On a more serious note, Fentimans are supporting #DryJanuary and have very kindly sent me a case of their fabulous drinks for me to sample. As a lover of their ginger beer for years and more recently, traditional lemonade, this will be a pleasure!

#Dry January is an Alcohol Concern campaign. All details are on their website. (please see link at end of article).

When alcohol is given up for a while, money is saved, weight loss is possible and usually probable.

Sleep can improve as alcohol can cause insomnia. People also notice a big difference in their complexion. There will be no hangovers and no time lost at work through "the morning after" feeling and nausea etc. A month is not long enough for the liver to recover if it has been punished over Christmas, but it will be relieved that it can begin to replenish itself.

There are some interesting facts on this website

I have spoken to a lady from Alcohol Concern and, here's a link to a press release regarding some research they did on how participants drinking behaviour changed after completing Dry January. They have over doubled sign ups this year and have over 43,000 sign ups to date.

Some more flavours to try

I have written a  previous article on Fentimans Drinks, and I have two new varieties to try, Rose Lemonade and Wild English Elderflower. As described on Fentimans website, the lemonade is made with the juice of real lemons and pure Rose Otto oil from the world famous Rose Valley in Kazanlak, Bulgaria. Delivers a beautifully refreshing taste and aroma. The Elderfwer juice is a pale, verdant liquid which requires upending before pouring. Sweet on the nose, the light, refreshing aroma and delicate floral flavours leave a clean, full-bodied taste. A three dimensional texture is achieved through the infusion of pear juice during the botanical brewing process.


Three Delicious Flavours

I have now sampled the entire range and can honestly say that I like all of the drinks. My favourites have to be ginger beer, Mandarin and Seville Orange juice and one of the new varieties, Wild English Elderflower. Do try some if you want a break from alcohol, you won't be disappointed!

If you wish to take part in this campaign,the money you donate will help Alcohol Concern make a real difference and help raise awareness of the problem of alcohol misuse. Registered Charity Number 291705.

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