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We're always being told how good it is for us to exercise, and how a daily walk can keep us trim and healthy, but what if we can't find comfy shoes to fit due to extra wide or swollen feet? This spring, Cosyfeet are launching a pretty, sporty shoe for ladies with extra wide feet. Called the Belle, this supportive shoe is made with soft, premium leathers.

Belle Red

With a super-soft, odour resistant lining, this shoe is literally made for comfort. The gently padded tongue opens to the base so it's easy to put on a swollen foot, and the top-to-toe lace can be adjusted to fit a range of swelling. The softly-padded collar gives cushioned support and is cleverly designed to fit both swollen and slimmer ankles.

Belle White
A seam-free toe area makes this style ideal for problem toes. Deep enough to accommodate orthotics if required, the Belle also has a hard-wearing, flexible sole for active feet.

The Belle is available in sizes 3 to 9 including half sizes, priced £69.00, or £57.50 if you qualify for VAT relief due to a medical condition. It comes in white leather, black leather, Mediterranean blue leather or red nubuck.

For further information see or call 01458 447275

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Marianne is a PR and 'health and wellbeing' writer with a special interest in feet, exercise, allergies, sensitive skin and dietary intolerance.

When not working, Marianne is a nature-loving wife and mum who bakes her own spelt bread, is a keen recycler and enjoys a 'yomp' in the countryside.

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