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Personal Barber

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Every man likes to have a good shave I am sure without any rash developing or painful nicks from a razor. The Personal Barber sends out monthly supplies and may well solve all your problems and ensure an excellent result every day.

Did you know that over 2 billion disposable razors are sent to landfills each year? I find that shocking. With a classic safety razor, only the blade itself is replaced and you can save these up and recycle them. So this is kinder to the environment, which is very important.

The products from this company are different to any other I have come across. Stylish is one word that comes to mind when looking at the various excellent selections that are included in the boxes each month

Personal barber 

Many men these days either use an electric shaver or a disposable razor, which does not always produce great results. The Personal Barber gives new members a free safety razor and shaving brush in their first box as well as a handy step-by-step guide. This is invaluable if you have not been used to wet shaving.

Along with the razor and shaving brush, there will also be shaving soap, replacement blades and other items. From then on you will receive new soaps, creams, blades, pre-shave oils, balms, alums, cologne and more.

The razor has a relatively small blade gap meaning it is not as "aggressive" as some other razors, providing a comfortable smooth shave without fear of cutting oneself. The brush is a high quality synthetic hair that does not require maintenance to keep it in top condition. It has not been made from horsehair thereby having the added benefit of being cruelty free. Oh and no ghastly smell either that the older shaving brushes had!

Each month is different but you will always be stocked with what you need to stay silky smooth. All products are handpicked and tested to make sure you only get the best available

Personal Barber

Each month makes shaving an activity to look forward to, rather than the daily chore it is at present. Using a razor with a single blade causes less cuts and razor burns.

There is nothing worse than turning up for work or a social occasion with a piece of cotton wool on one’s face!!

The shaving box can have pride of place in the bathroom and month after month new items are added. Excitement is generated when the next arrival is imminent!

Each month costs £24.95 including FREE delivery. 25% will be offered as a discount on the FIRST box, bringing the cost down to just over £18. Please enter exclusive code OAP25 when placing your order. This code expires at the end of JULY.

If you wish to pre pay for twelve months, the cost is just £17.95 for each box!

Personal Barber

Signing up is easy and only takes a moment. Why not join here today and experience for yourself the array of great products on offer?

Personal Barber

There are many more questions and answers on the website and if you have an item that you would like to be considered for inclusion in the box, please get in touch at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

I think this is a fantastic way for the men to have a perfect shave every day and also benefit from a wide variety of new products every month.

Personal Barber

I am delighted to announce that The Personal Barber are donating a box of shaving supplies as a raffle prize! Click Here to find out more

Good grooming is so important and makes one feel special. We ladies treat ourselves regularly on beauty products, so maybe the men should start doing the same and look and feel better for it!

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