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Popcorn. Memories of buying and eating from fairgrounds from my early childhood was not something I was ever that fond of. You ate it back then because, well, all your friends did and it was a change from candyfloss!

Fast forward to around the 80’s and my own children were born. I remember buying microwavable popcorn and thought it tasted disgusting!

Now in 2015, I have come across this website and I was very intrigued by so many different types of popcorn available.

Over 40 different types! Not just sweet, but also savoury flavours

Plus I was also in awe of all the awards they have won,15 Great Taste ones to date!

I have three sample packs to try and I want to see if I can discover what it is about popcorn that is making Joe and Seph's so popular. Whilst looking to see how much popcorn is eaten these days, I looked at various web pages and found this one that states 'Over 1,023,783,835 pounds of popcorn was sold in 2013!' See here for these amazing figures.

Jo wanted to improve on the recipe for mass produced popcorn and as he states on the website:-

My love of popcorn began while taking regular trips to the USA, each time returning with more and more gourmet popcorn as gifts for friends and family. I wondered if I could make this popcorn and in some way improve on it. I began by air popping the corn and coating it in a caramel made from fresh butter rather than what was the standard British way of popping it in an oil and sugar mix. After many years and numerous tasting sessions in my kitchen, I created an exquisite caramel coating to envelop the popcorn.

Exploring it further, I discovered that this new secret recipe could be infused with natural ingredients which are locked in at different stages of the cooking process, so that they are released at different intervals as you eat them.

I hope you enjoy my handmade gourmet popcorn with smooth recipe caramel as much as I do.


My three 'taster'bags

So over the course of a week, I began to eat Popcorn again!  Which pack shall I open first? Decisions decisions. I started with Caramel and Orange Marmalade

popcorn Article

My "Zesty Orange and Butter" bag!

First of all the caramel came through on my taste buds, then a smooth buttery orange marmalade flavour. So different to anything I have ever tasted before. Light, delicious, moorish, I reluctantly (only joking!) shared the bag with my neighbour when she called to see me. Her face lit up and I think another customer is on the way to Joe and Seph's!


This is fabulous! White cocolate!

Caramel and White Chocolate was the next bag to try

I am a lover of 'posh' white chocolate and I couldn't envisage this mixing well with popcorn. How wrong I was! Again, the caramel was the first taste and then the smoothness and vanilla of the chocolate came through. This bag lasted me for two servings!


Getting ready to open my Gingerbread popcorn

Finally Gingerbread was my last flavour

Again, ginger is a huge favourite of mine in all types of dishes and sweets, biscuits etc. But popcorn? Was I disappointed?? NO! My late mother used to make a fabulous ginger cake and this reminded me of that, only in popcorn bites.

Oh my, which flavours do I want to try next?

I am curious to go down the savoury route. Who would have thought that popcorn could be so versatile! Goats cheese and black pepper or Blue cheese with walnut and celery maybe??

There are also gift boxes, tubes, jars and tins available to purchase. What a great idea for a birthday present or a thank you gift that is original!

 Joe and Sephs

Jars of sauce are available too!

Joe & Sephs also make and sell caramel sauces and these range from Cappuccino Caramel through to Gin & Tonic Caramel. Now there's something I will have to try!

I would like to thank the company for sending me some samples and I have thoroughly enjoyed my evaluation of 2015 Popcorn! I will recommend Joe & Sephs to my friends and family. I am thrilled to let Oapschatters know that there will be three bags of popcorn to be won in a future raffle on the website. Details will appear soon! So, many thanks again Joe & Sephs!

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