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True North books

The world is bright and shiny and sometimes hard to bear. There are times when all you need is a memory, a reminder, a comforting form of nostalgia to ‘take you back’ to the good old days.

There are many memories hidden in the depths our minds that we long to grasp on to and be close to once again. When we are reminded of those lost memories it fills us with joy and longing, for a time that seems so near yet so far away. True North Books aims to provide those memories that we truly miss and deeply pine for.

True North books

Bus in Hull 1949

True North Books is a well respected, specialist local nostalgia book publishing company, based in Halifax, West Yorkshire. Although we are based in Halifax, we produce books all across the country from Glasgow in Scotland to Portsmouth in the South of England. Our books our filled with unique black and white photographs of each town; familiar places, people, and events that took place in the towns and cities we once knew and loved.

We take great pride in the quality and substance of our nostalgia books, and we aim to remind readers of how things used to look and how the pace of life was set in previous generations. Through customer responses and feedback we know that we achieve this. We are eager to make sure the experience of looking through our books gives our readers that comforting feeling of nostalgia in their hearts. You might see a street where you used to walk every day to get to work, or a park where you used to sit, a car you used to drive. There is an outstanding amount of photographs to enjoy in our books and each time you pick it up you'll probably find a little bit more.

True North

Birmingham calendar

Not only do we produce nostalgia books, we also produce stunning nostalgia calendars. We are very excited, as our new 2016 calendars have just been launched. Our calendars are glossy and attractive; they include a photograph per month with shorter captions alongside the photos. They remind people of what life was like in the ‘good old days’, while also providing space to write down and remember present and upcoming events. They are an ideal gift for friends and family at Christmas.

True North books

County Arcade mid 1960's Leeds

Some of our most popular titles are within our ‘Latest Releases’ and ‘New Editions’ ranges; our Hull and Liverpool books have been endlessly popular, along with our Leeds, Manchester and Sheffield books. Further south, some of our popular books are our Exeter and Reading books, along with our fantastic Portsmouth book selection. We have books for over 97 towns and cities in the UK so take a look at our website and I’m sure there’ll be something for you.

EDITOR: A great competition will be announced soon for FIVE people to win some products from True North Books! Thank you for your generosity!

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