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June Tate

I was in a restaurant the other day with a friend. Looking round I said to her, 'Dear God! This place is full of old people!' Then I started to laugh. The diners were all around my age and maybe a little younger!

It is said that when you reach a certain age, you are ignored. Well nobody ignores me! When I think of my writing friends and others, I can't imagine them being ignored either. So is age all personality? Indeed I believe that's part of it

Outlook is certainly important. Let's face it some people are born old, others never seem to age. Why? At fifty you are supposed to be middle aged. Who said so? So who was the idiot that said about growing old gracefully? Disgracefully would be much better.

As one gains in years, so much more comes into play. Self confidence from lessons learned, life that has been lived. Life throws some pretty deadly curves at us from time to time, but you have to grit your teeth and cope with it. It's called survival. 

If you are made of stern stuff, you get on with it, that's called growing up!

There is no doubt that the body changes with advancing years, but we can do a lot to stem the march of age. Eat sensibly, drink in moderation, exercise carefully, but also enjoy every day as if it's your last. Get up, dress up and show up!

Keeping the mind alive is essential. Read, meet up with friends, travel if you have the means. Join a club, a dancing class. Yoga! Talk to people. It is so very easy if you are alone for whatever reason to shut yourself away.

Become solitary. Big mistake!

As each day passes it is a day wasted if we don't use it. Phone a friend, arrange a meeting with them. Get on a bus, take a drive. Shop! Do something! There is also a time for reflection, for memories that are precious. If you have a family then you are blessed. Enjoy them. Cherish them. Make sure when you do pop your clogs they can remember you fondly and with humour, not some miserable old git!

I am aiming for eccentricity when I get older. At least that will be interesting. What do you mean I'm an octogenarian? I'm thirty five and dangerous!

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June Tate
Author: June Tate
Who Am I?

June Tate was born in Southampton where many of her novels are set. After leaving school and training as a hairdresser she worked on cruise ships the Queen Mary and the Mauritania, meeting many Hollywood film stars and VIP’s on her travels.

After her marriage to an airline pilot, she briefly lived in Portugal. June, who has two adult daughters, now lives in West Sussex. Was Chairman of the West Sussex Writers’ Club for three years and has held teaching seminars in Italy, Corfu and Winchester University. She is now a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association and has written eighteen novels.

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