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Chris Gosling

Join me for the second weekend of our trip to London and back to Essex with 280 tons of sand and stone, aboard the sand-barge Mark Prior.

This small ship sails from rural Essex to Deptford Creek in the heart of London every day, and as we sail along, we get to hear more about the Thames and its history from Skipper Peter Barc.

In the second 2 parts of the video series, we start from Canvey Island, pass under the Thames crossing at Dartford and pass many well-known landmarks.

In Part 3 of this 4-part series, we're sailing up the outer reaches of the Thames where empty tanker jetties mark the demise of one of the UK's major petroleum refineries, steaming past the UK's newest container port and looking up at the huge Dartford bridge . .


In Part 4, Mark Prior carries us into central London - passing the Thames Barrier, the Woolwich Ferry, and the Dome - and finally coming alongside at Deptford Creek . . .

Parts 1 and 2 can be found here.

Meet The Author...
Chris Gosling
Who Am I?

Born what sometimes seems like a long time ago, I had a conventional career in sales and marketing, with a bit of freelance writing on the side, and a five year diversion as a marketing consultant.

At the tender age of 51, while working as a sales manager, I had a small heart attack which changed my life . . for the surprisingly better.

After recovering from the heart attack and a divorce, and returning to work, I decided this wasn't the life - so I quit and went sailing for a year, celebrating my 54th birthday in a nice bar beside a french canal! After returning to the UK, I started making TV programmes about caravanning and boating, and made about 180 of these in five years before retiring again.

I now make videos about life as I enjoy it, ships and shipping, and I do a little news reporting online around my home town of Felixstowe. In a return to my youth, when I spent six months on a pirate radio station, I now also produce and present a weekly news show on community radio.

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