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Sea Life Adventure Centre

Sea Life Adventure Aquarium in Southend-on-Sea is well worth a visit. I booked on line for two of us, both OAPs and the cost was £6.20 each (a saving of just over £3 in total).

There are lots of exciting exhibits to look at from tiny poison dart frogs, spiders, a crocodile to sharks, jellyfish, sea horses, lobsters, crabs and all sorts of colourful tropical fish, turtles, piranha fish etc. It took us just over an hour to walk through. There were people of all ages, several families with young children who really enjoyed themselves.

The walk goes through their nursery where you could see basins with tiny rays and other young fish, and finishes with a walk through the deep water world where sharks and lots of fish of all sizes swim all around you.

During the day there are various talks and you can watch some of the exhibits being fed. When you come out there is a shop and a nice café for a quick meal or a cuppa with glorious views over the estuary to the Pier and beyond. The aquarium was originally opened in 1993 and has recently been renovated and brought up to date.

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