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 Chris G Maersk

Most of us don't have much idea about where the products we buy come from.

The truth is that 90% of everything we buy comes from somewhere else. And almost all of that comes in containers, aboard massive container ships like this from the Far East, and aboard her smaller sisters from other places. Huge volumes of manufactured goods, from computers to clothes, from phones to furniture, from footware to electrical goods, come from China, Korea and Taiwan.

Container trades from south of the equator bring us huge volumes of food and drink - tank containers full of wine or fruit juices, reefer (refrigerator) containers loaded with fruit and vegetables in special atmospheres, at specific temperatures - there's even a special setting for bananas

If the ships stopped coming for a week, we'd stop eating and drinking - we don't grow or raise anywhere near enough in Europe.

As well as making the Old Geezer's Diary for OAPSchat, I make films about ships and shipping, and the global shipping industry. This film was made from aboard the Port of London Authority's patrol boat Kew, which I was invited aboard with a specialist photographer.

The ship which stars in the film, Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller, will unload about 2,500 containers in the UK, and the rest of her incoming load will be delivered at other ports in Northern Europe. At the same time, she'll collect empty containers and some exports for the journey back to the Far East.

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Born what sometimes seems like a long time ago, I had a conventional career in sales and marketing, with a bit of freelance writing on the side, and a five year diversion as a marketing consultant.

At the tender age of 51, while working as a sales manager, I had a small heart attack which changed my life . . for the surprisingly better.

After recovering from the heart attack and a divorce, and returning to work, I decided this wasn't the life - so I quit and went sailing for a year, celebrating my 54th birthday in a nice bar beside a french canal! After returning to the UK, I started making TV programmes about caravanning and boating, and made about 180 of these in five years before retiring again.

I now make videos about life as I enjoy it, ships and shipping, and I do a little news reporting online around my home town of Felixstowe. In a return to my youth, when I spent six months on a pirate radio station, I now also produce and present a weekly news show on community radio.

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