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Hilary Coombes Chris Frome article

 Worldwide fame is on its way to the bottom of my street in Moraira! Yes my street!

One hundred and forty countries are set to tune in on their TV’s/computers, not to see my street I must add, but to see the Vuelta a España gear up for the last-but-two stage of the race.


 Hilary Coombs Chris Frome article

In case you’re at a loss to know what the Vuelta a España is, as I was not that long ago, it’s Spain’s equivalent to the Tour de France …and we all (even nincompoops who can’t ride a bike like me) know what that it. I’m ashamed to admit I can’t even ride a bike, so that lovely lady in pink alongside this paragraph isn’t me.


This Friday, September 9th, all residents have been warned to leave their cars resolutely in the garage (if you have a garage) from 11 am to 6 pm, and make sure you have everything in the house that you need because there will no crossing the road for anything.

When I was out and about today, Calpe (the next bit of the route) were madly re-painting the white lines on the road and sprucing things up a bit. There’s no need to spruce things up in Moraira – we’re always spruced.

The best bit of all this is … guess who is second in this race? Yes, our very own Chris Froome. He won stage eleven and moved up to second place a few days ago, and as I write he’s still there, and I’m about to see him pass my road! My little ‘ole insignificant road!

Hilary Coombes Chris Froome article

 Photo by kind permission of

If you are interested you can watch it live here.


Apart from our Chris, whom I’m sure you’ll recognise instantly, I’ll be the little lady without a bike, stood at the end of the road, cheering like crazy and waving a big Union Jack for all I’m worth.

Go-ee Chris. I’m so proud of you even though I can’t even ride a bike!

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