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Hilary Coombs Fire

Yesterday I could see the billowing black smoke and flames running down the mountains to the east of my town Moraira on the Costa Blanca, Spain.

The populated area of Cumbre del Sol (which overlooks Moraira) has been evacuated and I have friends in the UK at present, and they are very worried that their house may not be there when they return next week.

I have never been this close to huge fires before, and I am lucky as I live about 8 miles from the fires that have been raging on the Costa Blanca this week.


Fire Spain Hilary C

All I am experiencing is a little fallout ash and a plethora of dead flying insects, plus some very irate mosquitos who decided to attack my face when I was trying to cool down in the swimming pool at 7.0’clock last night (it was the only bit of skin available). I have never had this happen before so I’ve come to the conclusion that the fires must have an impact even on flying insects.

The overhead helicopters have been kept busy ferrying tons of water from the sea to the fires constantly. Unfortunately, the wind and heat (it was 40 degrees yesterday) fanned the fires.

Some poor people have been evacuated and homes have been lost to the fires. The army has been called in to help the 300 plus firefighters already deployed in tackling the flames. In case this hasn’t made headlines in the UK news, and should you wish to know more, the BBC have been covering it well on line, as have many other media sites.


We haven’t had significant rain in this area for such a long time that everything is tinder dry. In fact the reservoirs are so low that many residents in Javea and areas around have been involved with water saving measures, when the authorities turn off the water supply for hours at a time.

We’ve experienced this in the past and I well remember taking a bar of soap into our small swimming pool when the water cuts went on for several days, and of course swimming pool water is great for toilet flushing too. This isn’t so bad if you are informed that the cuts are coming, then you know to stock up on bottled drinking water from the shops in advance.

The tourists arriving for the summer has made the problem a lot worse as you can imagine, for example the population of Moraira increases from 10,000 to 36,000 in the summer months. That’s a lot more showers, hair washing and toilet flushing on the water system.


In three days time the famous Spanish La Vuelta cycle race (one of the three major European professional cycling races) will be coming through the area. Let’s hope the fires will be out by then and the route will be safe and unaffected, but from what the local press have been saying it looks as though the race going to cause huge problems for the town of Javea.

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