Long Term Planning

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 Sophie H Funeral article

No one wants to organise a funeral – because it means you have lost someone that you love.

Funeral Chris Smith

Many people struggle to chat to loves ones about death and life after they are gone, however it is extremely important to let relatives know your wishes and make plans for the future.

Ryan Smith Annuities

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Brand new figures from the Association of British Insurers have revealed that around 2 in 3 retirees do not shop around when purchasing an annuity product.

Ryan Smith

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When did you realise you were ‘old’? Was it the day of your 50th birthday? Because that’s how advertisers and the media would like you to feel; well, the ones that actually bother advertising to you, that is!

Will Ann Harvey

There comes a point in our lives when it becomes necessary to make a will. It makes sound sense because not leaving a will can cause untold problems within the family.

Ryan Smith

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There has recently been a devastating blow to new retirees looking to secure a stable retirement income for life, as annuity rates fall to record lows. Is there still a place for annuities following the introduction of this year’s pension reforms?