Days Out

 Ralph Court CH

It was perfect garden-visiting weather in late summer when my husband and I took advantage of the £10 Ralph Court Gardens token I won through OAPSchat. The clear blue sky was full of twittering swallows, and a light breeze meant it didn’t get too hot despite bright sunshine.

Anne W Yorks

A day out at an agricultural show. A show that attracts over 132,000 visitors over its three days? Maybe you don’t think it’s your idea of fun? Let me tell you more…

Antiques R

Image Copyright BBC

If you add the splendour of Castle Howard in Yorkshire to the fun and anticipation of the BBC’s Antique Roadshow, then you can imagine the adventure I had on July 13th.

Catamaran cruise K rollinson

I took a catamaran cruise in the area known as La Manga del Menor, (the sleeve of the little sea),which is situated in the south-east part of the Costa Blanca, or to more precise, situated on the Costa Calida.

Auction Kay Seeley

Do you have lots of stuff in your loft, or tucked away in cupboards out of sight? Have you been hoarding it for years in the hope that ‘it’ll be worth something one day?'

 Bromyard ala Georgia H

Smoke smuts flew in the air, the hiss of steam echoed around our redbrick garden walls. Had our gentle patch of Herefordshire been invaded by some kind of fire-breathing dragon? No, it was Bromyard Gala time again.

Bromyard Speed

On a bright Sunday in April, the sleepy Herefordshire town of Bromyard was jolted awake with the roar and snarl of mechanical beasts. The inaugural Speed Festival had hit town!

Bungee jump

Michelle Alister from Barcroft Media has emailed me with this request. I am not brave enough, but maybe one of you would like to try this activity!!

Morgan art

Aluminium, ash wood and leather: they make up the Morgan sports car and a great day out. Having a friend to stay is the best excuse I can think of to be a tourist in your own area. My pal is a car buff, so what better reason to book a tour around the Morgan sports car factory?


This year, the day we chose to go to the Hay Festival the sun was shining and all felt right with the world.

Elan Valley

We had been hoping for a reasonable day to go to see the dams in full flood. It has been so wet this Autumn/ Winter that we knew it would be spectacular.
Yesterday proved to be exactly right but for those of you who have never seen or heard of them, I’d better tell you a little about them.

Kington Farm

The owl and small breeds farm park at Kington herefordshire is one our favourite places to visit particularly in springtime when there is an abundance of baby birds and animals to be seen.

 Angel Fest

A light mist hung over the water, the sun breaking through to reflect on the glass-clad, high-rise buildings overlooking the Regent’s Canal. There’s an eerie feeling being in heart of the City in the early morning, walking beside a nineteenth century canal at odds with the modern, buildings that overshadow it.

Three choirs

We were recently given an amazing gift- 2 course lunch for two with a bottle of wine followed by wine tasting at this lovely vineyard.Also included in the gift was a vine- aptly named Old Holley which we can visit throughout the year!

 Woods Amanda I

As part of H.Art week a private woodland, measuring several acres opened up to the public for just two days. Visiting Clissett Wood, Stanley Hill, Nr Asbury on the Ledbury/Bromyard road was an unexpected treat. The woodland is owned by seven enterprising people who use it for their own pleasure and entrepreneurial endeavours.

Last Saturday Mick & myself, met our friends Linda and Roger in Exeter for lunch. We opted for a pub not far from the venue we were going to at 2pm. The lunch was good, although Mick had a problem with his order!