Dealing With Professionals

Joy L Cancer

It is universally accepted that humour can defuse an explosive situation, spice up a flagging event and lift a grounded party.


My name is Chris Croft, the co-founder of I will be telling you why I set up the business and who it’s for.

My Dentist

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Nicole Addy from mydentist, the largest provider of NHS dentistry in the UK, explains how your mouth changes over time and how you can make your teeth last a lifetime.

Mark Porter

I am delighted to welcome Doctor Mark Porter to answer some questions for Oapschat. Before we begin, here is a brief outline of his varied TV, radio and medical career.


Wheelchairs: you might think you need to pay for a wheelchair. You don't! Your local hospital probably has a Wheelchair Department. You can get one from there on free loan. Mind you, it can take a while to arrange. It is worth it as they will customise the chair, measuring the seat height and depth to get those absolutely right for you. Cushions are available to correct any slump. Gel pad arms are there for those of us at risk of pressure sores. You will even get an annual wheelchair service [probably].


You might be wondering which gadgets are out there to help you or a loved one.