Antibiotics and herbs

Patients sometimes ring me up to say, ‘I had to take antibiotics for my bronchitis/cystitis/infection of some sort, so I stopped taking the herbs for a while.’

Su B Mood Food

We’ve known for a long time that processed foods high in fat and sugar make it harder for children to concentrate at school. When children with attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity or simply behavioural problems are put on a vegetable-rich diet, they calm down.

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It’s the season for coughs, colds and chest infections. If you know you’re likely to succumb, there’s plenty you can do to make them as mild as possible, or even avoid them altogether.

 Oregano Su B

Oregano has hit the headlines as a possible cure for high blood pressure, and it’s being recommended that you substitute it for salt in cooking. But before you rush out to buy some, there are a few things you might be interested to know.

Eat article Su B

How and when we eat matters almost as much as what we eat.

Su B Coffee

Until recently, everyone knew about coffee. It’s lovely, and it wakes you up and keeps you going through the day…and through the night as well, if you drink too much of it.

Mushrooms Su B

Mushrooms are springing up in every woodland in Britain right now, and they’re also being promoted as the latest ‘superfood’.

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So Gwyneth Paltrow talked about adaptogens, and suddenly they are the answer to everything. And it’s true that they turn up in probably four out of five herbal prescriptions. An adaptogen is a herb that helps you function at an optimal level; it supports your vital energy, so that a lot of problems fall away.


I’ve talked about this before, but new evidence is stacking up about the potential risks involved in long-term use of Proton Pump Inhibitors.

Harvest Su B

So you’ve come home with a basket full of berries, or roots, or fungi. What do you do with them? Unless you’re going to use them straight away (see ‘Making herb teas’), you’ll need to preserve them somehow.

Tuscany Su B

Last day in Tuscany today. Even now in mid October, there are plenty of herbs still in flower: thyme and marjoram, oregano and rosemary grow at the side of every path.

Cosyfeet Swanage

Swanage Disabled Club is the proud winner of this year’s Cosyfeet Community Award. The charity has won £500 to enable it to rent a beach hut on the sea front for a fortnight next summer, coinciding with the Swanage Carnival and Regatta.


It’s a time of transition, when we’re more vulnerable to colds and other acute infections, and old problems tend to resurface.

Ginger Su B

You’ve probably heard of ginger in various different contexts, apart from its role – often together with garlic – in various curry recipes.


Elder is a sovereign remedy for all sorts of respiratory tract problems, from coughs and colds to sinusitis, chest infections and sore throats.

Ellie Holmes Cancer

The lopsided Christmas tree was aglow in the hospital corridor. In her office, the doctor had cards on her filing cabinet – ‘Season’s Greetings’, ‘Yuletide Joy’.

Flu Prevention

A lot of older people nowadays opt to have the flu vaccine before winter sets in. While it does reduce your statistical risk of getting flu, it can only prevent the strains of flu included in the vaccine, so it’s a bit of a lottery; and it certainly won’t stop you getting colds.

 Freya North

I am publishing this article on the website to help author Freya North raise funds for Beating Bowel Cancer. Below is Freya's account of why she is doing this cycle ride. 

 Omega 3,6,9

Are you confused about these? You’re not the only one. So here is a very simple breakdown of the facts.

Morton Gray illness

Our society often seems to have become dependent on the medical profession. We increasingly expect to see a doctor with an ailment and come away with a prescription that will hopefully miraculously heal our condition. It has not always been so of course.