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Doug L

The series ‘Wren Jane Beacon goes to War’ has taken me deep into another world.

Wren jane Beacon
Dunkirk 1940. The British Army is saved from annihilation by the Royal Navy and a myriad of small boats. But why is a girl there, driving a naval motor cutter to take troops to the ships lying off the beaches under constant bombardment?

Brian Fish book

As I approached my ninetieth birthday, and as I was still reasonably alert and competent, I had the idea of composing something autobiographical for the benefit of the family.

Jane L

Good morning Jane, it is lovely to meet you. I feel as if I know you already as I have read many of your books. Margaret (James) my sister first introduced me to you through your novel Please Don’t Stop The Music, which I have read and re read many times.

Sheryl B

Thank you so much, Jan and OAPsChat, for inviting me along to share a little bit about the inspiration behind my stories.


Tracy Rees has been called "the most outstanding new voice in historical fiction" by Lucinda Riley and her books are paperback and kindle bestsellers. Tracy has a new novel out and has written this article for the website.

Angels Tread article Joy L

Hot off the press, is the collection of “Light and dark tales” WHERE ANGELS & DEVILS TREAD by Jean Wilson and Joy Lennick.

Girl Red Velvet

Thank you for inviting me to chat to you about my new novel, Jan. It’s great to be here on OAPSchat, one of my favourite websites!

 Mandy James Behind the Lie

Please welcome back Mandy James, one of the lovely contributors for the website.

Liz Gill

I am delighted to be interviewing Elizabeth Gill on the day her new book comes out - The Guardian Angel.

Orphanage Liz Gill

Zeb, the hero in my book, calls the sweetshop where they live Alice’s Chocolate Orphanage. Because Alice, my heroine, rescues him after he comes out of prison and adopts his father and a young woman called Susan when they have nowhere to go.

Susanna Dare to Remember

Life begins at… I’ve been lucky to find a career which requires me to write, pretty much every day, and for a huge variety of needs.

Lizzie L Ashley

L-R Juliet Greenwood Anne Bennett Margaret James Minna Howard June Kearns meeting Trisha Ashley

This week, June Kearns and I travelled to London for Trisha Ashley‘s book launch at Daunt’s, Marylebone High Street.

Sandy W Memory Spill

‘The town of Bonnyrigg had two railway stations. Dr Beeching, Chairman of British Railways Board closed one and my big brother, Leader of the Black Spot Gang, would accidentally terminate the other. Fortunately, it was on an obsolete branch line which was rarely used: Broomieknowe Railway Station.’

 Virginia Ironside interview

Good morning Virginia and welcome to OAPSchat. This stands for Optimistic and Pro Active Seniors Chat and I am delighted to have this opportunity to ‘chat’ to you!

Girl in Painting

Thanks for letting me chat on your blog today. I thought I’d just give a little bit of background as to what inspired The Girl in the Painting and how it turned into a novel from a short story.

The Lavender House Hilary Boyd

I am delighted to be interviewing best selling Quercus author Hilary Boyd.

 Clare Chase interview

Good morning Clare, lovely to meet you. Please make yourself at home. The tea is brewing and the cup cakes are waiting to be tried out!

Marilyn C

‘You look like a crazy rock star,’ said my six-year-old granddaughter staring at a 1980s photo of me in my prime. ‘Did you write books when you were young?’