After the Hurricane the weather improved tremendously, and as we sailed to the very top of North Cape on our way to Kirkenes, near the Russian border, the sea felt like a millpond.

Norway HC

DAY 8. I am alarmed and the feeling grows with each passing hour.

 Norway HC

DAY SIX AND SEVEN. Arctic Circle celebrations on deck this morning. This consists of some brave passengers having ice put down their neck by Neptune.

 Hilary Norway

DAY FIVE We awoke to another dark grey sky and the usual rain belting noisily against our boat’s porthole. I don’t know whether there were rough seas last night, if so I managed to sleep despite them. The grey depressing mood lingered into breakfast time when something uplifting happened.

Norway HC

DAY FOUR If you have read the earlier articles in this series you’ll know I’m on my way to see the Northern Lights (hopefully).

 Norway 3

DAY THREE If you have read the two earlier articles in this series you’ll know I’m on my way to see the Northern Lights (hopefully).

Hilary Norway

If you read the first article in this series you’ll know I’m on my way to see the Northern Lights (hopefully). I’ll keep the boring stuff to a minimum, so suffice it to say that we flew from London to Bergen.

Hilary C Norway

A few years ago I persuaded my husband (who to be honest was not that keen at the time) to take a holiday in Norway. I’d read about the breathtaking landscapes, beautiful fjords, and vibrant cities, and I wanted to see it. All of it!


We didn’t know much about the Philippines until my brother decided to retire there. He has lived abroad virtually all his life and was looking for somewhere to retire that ticked various boxes for him, the most important being that it had a tropical climate and he could afford to retire there on a limited pension.

Serena F Uz

In the 1st century BC, present-day Uzbekistan stood on the important overland trade route that linked China with the Mediterranean.

Ionian 3

This article will be my last until September so will be longer than usual. The whole of the Ionian has enjoyed a long period of settled weather throughout the whole of June, with higher temperatures than usual at this time of year.

Kashmir Serena F

“Pale hands I loved beside the Shalimar, Where are you now? Who lies beneath your spell?…”

Ionian Part 2

As I write this, we are moored against the town quay in Vathi on the island of Meganissi, close to Lefkas.

Ionian Seas

There is nothing so fickle as a sailing boat. I have learnt in over 45 years of sailing that everything takes longer than you expect; there is either not enough wind, too much wind, or the wind is in the wrong direction; rather like a game of cards, one is rarely dealt a good hand.

 Holiday Sharon

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Although my hubby likes going abroad for a holiday, I don't. Here's the reason why: I do not enjoy the travelling aspect one little bit!

Yvonne P Ireland

Right, where was I ? Oh yes, the Ring of Kerry. I now know why all the tourists go there, it is totally breathtaking, we were lucky that it was a fine day, a bit cloudy and chilly but it didn't rain.

Yvonne P Ireland

Because of the health problems I had last year, I am unable to fly so whilst planning what we were going to do this year, we both came to the same solution simultaneously.......Ireland.

Anne A Gambia

This is the beach at my hotel, the Kombo Beach.

Anne A Gambia

It’s stupid o’clock when we have to check in at Gatwick, but the upside is we’ll arrive in the afternoon and have time to explore the hotel and beach before darkness descends.

Anne Allen Gambia

I’m not known for winning anything (except for a book by one of my favourite authors, Barbara Erskine 2 years ago), so it was with stunned disbelief that I started to read an email sent from Silversurfers- the other online magazine for over 50s! – last October.