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Yvonne P Ireland

Right, where was I ? Oh yes, the Ring of Kerry. I now know why all the tourists go there, it is totally breathtaking, we were lucky that it was a fine day, a bit cloudy and chilly but it didn't rain.

Yvonne P Ireland

Because of the health problems I had last year, I am unable to fly so whilst planning what we were going to do this year, we both came to the same solution simultaneously.......Ireland.

Anne A Gambia

This is the beach at my hotel, the Kombo Beach.

Anne A Gambia

It’s stupid o’clock when we have to check in at Gatwick, but the upside is we’ll arrive in the afternoon and have time to explore the hotel and beach before darkness descends.

Anne Allen Gambia

I’m not known for winning anything (except for a book by one of my favourite authors, Barbara Erskine 2 years ago), so it was with stunned disbelief that I started to read an email sent from Silversurfers- the other online magazine for over 50s! – last October. 

Article Caravan hols

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If you grew up in the UK, then the chances are that your parents would have taken you away on a family caravan holiday at least once during your childhood.

Eliz Ducie 

We’ve not been on holiday for years. Okay, we’ve had the odd long weekend in London; a few days in Wales; and a quick trip to Spain to visit old friends and check out Granada.


On the second day we walk to Trogir; a walk along a busy road but with interesting sights to see; the buildings, the wild flowers, the gardens, the houses.

Croatia JB
All the world appears to mill around Gatwick. The stress is obvious, the security a necessity, the patience of everyone varied, the wait tedious.

Hilary Coombes Black cloud

 IT WAS DOOMED FROM THE OUTSET. What was doomed I can hear you ask?

Sal hols

So......our first Christmas with our first word for it......absolutely amazing!!!!! well ok two words....

Chris Gos

Coach holidays are great - especially when you're on a budget, or want to go somewhere without all the hassle of driving, hanging about at airports, etc. So join me on this 2-part video trip to Torquay, where we spent 4 nights in early 2015 with Daish's Holidays for just £109 each.

CatLynx Winchester

If a psychic claimed spirits would haunt you unless you never stopped building a house, most people would dismiss it. Sarah Winchester embarked on a building project that lasted until her death in 1922.

Kathy R Stingray

A few years back I went on a Caribbean cruise, and one of the places I visited was Antigua. I used to dive with snorkel and aqualung in the UK, and have snorkelled in Malta, Spain, and the Bahamas, and a visit to Stingray City was a must.

Juliet Cornwall

Forget diamonds, there’s only one thing a middle-aged woman needs for a solo trip round Cornwall and Devon – and that’s a reliable Satnav. If you’ve ever tried to drive and read a map while a dizzying bend, or terrifying roundabout, loom up ahead, I’m sure you’ll be nodding wisely at this point. One of the benefits of getting older is recognising that stress just ain’t worth it.

Yvonne M Rhine

I do realise that others people's holidays can be terribly boring but I promise this was a bit different.

Dubrovnik Yvonne M

The view of the coast of Croatia as we approached Dubrovnic was breathtaking. The last time I had been there , the approach was from the road high above the town so the view from the sea was totally different.

Venice Yvonne M

Yes, we followed our guides all around Tuscany and then the Adriatic. It was certainly a holiday to remember. My husband had never been on a cruise and as my experience of cruising left me many happy memories, I thought we could create even more.

Liz Lamb Caravan

Previously, I have written about how I pursued the dream of becoming a writer, co-founded New Romantics Press and published my books on Amazon (paperbacks and kindle downloads.)

Easy Air Baby Trevor B

The dragon and her winged sister were chatting on the phone last week and decided it would be nice to get together; they haven’t seeneach other for all of a month. She came down here last time, so it was the fire breather’s turn to go up there; up there, being Glasgow.