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Console Table Steve

If you are looking to buy a Console table or a Coffee table, these have both been made to a very high standard by an expert craftsman.

 Gtech garden

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How does one choose a new hedge trimmer? The truthful answer is 'I don't know!'

Scarborough Carolyn S

In October 2016, I was served with notice to leave the place I was renting in Newmarket. The get out or else day, December 31st. I didn’t laugh. It shouldn’t have come as a surprise but it still shocked me. I had no idea what to do.

Dandelions Paula S

Photo copyright Unsplash via Pixabay

If dandelions were rare, we’d call them by their Latin name, Taraxacum officinale and pay big money for a single plant.

 Travis Perkins

Sady, we’re all far too familiar with the unpredictable nature of British summertime. Hands up those of you who’ve been happily soaking up the sun in the garden, only to have to race indoors because of a sudden downpour? We thought as much.

Wendy Hop Kiln

An awful lot of my posts seem to be about beer but as I’m married to a CAMRA member maybe that’s no surprise.

 Elizabeth Mapstone

Many of us find we need to move house as we age – and it is a daunting prospect. Indeed, I was so reluctant I left it until the options had drastically narrowed, and my husband simply would not have moved anywhere if I had not made him!

Gtech Lawnmower

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I have never been excited about trying out a new lawn mower before, but after using the GTech Falcon cordless, I am very impressed!

Leaf Blower

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I have been sent the new GTech Leaf Blower to evaluate and I am raring to go and try this latest cordless garden power tool.

Cuckoo Christina Hollis

*Lead photo credit at end of article.

We’ve finally given in to pester power, and got a puppy. Our sixteen-year old son Jeffrey researched breeds and breeders, saved up the eye-watering cost himself and, after a long wait, Alex the labrador/retriever arrived two weeks ago.

 Shark cordless

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The latest range of cordless vacuums from Shark have now been released and I have been sent model IF250UK to evaluate.

Wendy House

Sometimes you know it’s time to move on, no matter how big the wrench. We’ve been considering a move from Herefordshire for some time so last week put the house on the market.

  Vileda Mop

Photo copyright Vileda and reproduced with permission

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 The trusted household name Vileda has been with us since 1948! I am sure most of us have bought a Vileda mop and bucket at some stage during our lives.

GTech Ram

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It is time to replace my vacuum. After fifteen years of picking up dust. pet hairs, food, etc etc, my trusty machine is ready to retire. So many models of all shapes and sizes to choose from. Where does one start?

Marigold new article

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Marigold products have been a household name since 1947! 70 years and the name is still as popular and well known in 2017

Judith B House

It’ll be better for the children,’ the wife said. ‘Pembrokeshire's beautiful and has to have a better climate than at home – please, I love the house, let’s buy it.

Fish and frog Hilary

Does anyone have a frog longing for a mate? Or know how to teach a fish karate lessons? Well, I have both creatures and one of them is badly in need of learning self-defence.

Kathy Apart 

I am selling my apartment in Cabo Roig, near Torrevieja, Spain. Price  €99950 £76508

Pet Vac

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Perhaps your vacuum needs replacing or updating? Do you prefer corded or cordless? The choice is plentiful out there!

Fig article

Sitting in dappled shade eating juicy figs doesn’t have to be a treat reserved for your holiday in Greece or Italy. Forget the tasteless, unripe supermarket fruits, and grow your own. It’s really easy. Just be careful not to make your tree cry...


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Have you ever used wireless headphones for your TV viewing? I have been sent the latest ones from Sennheiser to evaluate and would like to share my findings with you.

 Amanda bnb

AirBnB is a relatively young company started in the US by a couple of young enterprising lads who wanted to travel and keep the costs down. They did this by staying with locals who opened their homes to them.

Trevor decorating

I've had builders in over the last few weeks.

Flowers Article

Summer is well and truly upon us now and here are some super photos from the gardens of our friends and my own. Hope you enjoy looking at the photos and agree how lovely they all are.

Shark Vac

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I have been sent the latest Shark Powered Lift-Away with DuoClean NV800UKT vacuum to evaluate and would like to share my findings with you all.

Trevor Belshaw

While the cat's away, the mice will do all the work. She only went on Friday evening and I'm knackered already.

Trevor Talent article

Hello everyone. You may or may not have noticed but I have taken a bit of a sabbatical and there have been no blog posts for a while.

Time to declutter my clothes, I must do it, but can I really throw away my Jeff Banks jacket from 1970? Yes, you read that correctly, 1970. And it still fits!! But I will probably never wear it again. Is it time for eBay maybe? Then there are my Levi's from the same year. They don't fit. And goodness, a Laura Ashley full length dress. Too scared to try that on! I distinctly remember buying the dress from one of the first Laura Ashley shops that opened in Oxford in 1972.

Beams evaluation

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I have been meaning to have an outdoor security light installed for a while now. So many to choose from! Mr Beams - what a great name for a lighting company - have a super range of outdoor and indoor lights.

Janet G

Whenever I speak, my accent betrays me. I am an Aussie, and despite more than 15 years living in the UK, I still speak like an Aussie.

Van Girls

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I am delighted to be interviewing Emma Lanman C E O and founder of Van Girls.

Georgia Hill

The weather has just begun to warm up, the daffodils and forsythia have just about flowered (although they seem very late this year) and I have just begun a spring clear out. This is a prelude to the spring clean. And for which, there is a reason.

Key Safe article

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 The Key Safe Company is the market leader of mechanical key boxes, having revolutionised the way in which people can access properties safely and securely.


Me? Get scammed? Behave yourself! A cynical old ex-journalist who knows all about due diligence? Who's done hard selling and studied the psychology of selling? Never!

 Elizabeth D Flood

Four years ago, almost to the day, our house was flooded following catastrophic rainfall.

 Owl Jimmy Bates

My four young children were growing up (far too quickly as far as I was concerned), but then comes a moment: a moment that makes you stop and think. Perhaps they are appreciating living in the countryside after all? The link between us humans and those other living beings is not so tenuous after all?


Apples, cherries and many other plants give displays of beautiful flowers followed by delicious fruit. Blueberries do that, and more.


We lived halfway between Hereford and Ross-on-Wye ('in the middle of nowhere' as far as the children were concerned). The two older children were bussed into Hereford every school day and, consequently, did not have the opportunity to see much of their friends outside school hours during their first few months at senior school. Well, I knew that countryside life would be a big bonus for them as far as their future memories were concerned, but totally depriving them of their friends company except during school hours would have been too much of an imposition (having children brings back memories for all parents – no matter from how long ago).


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I have been sent the super powerful GTech AirRam Mk 2 K9 vacuum cleaner to evaluate and I am delighted to report my findings are all positive!


Our countryside building renovation project was in full swing. I had taken the biggest gamble of my life. I had given up on my big-money job in London, uprooted my family and moved them (all six of us) to the quiet, idyllic county of Herefordshire (one of only three areas in the whole of the British Isles to be officially classified as 'An Area of Peace and Tranquillity'). And boy did our little David affect our peace and tranquillity on one (un)fateful day.

GTech Trimmer

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I have been sent the latest GTech Grass Trimmer to evaluate and would like to share my findings with you.

norman bird table

First of all before I start my article I must say that any link between me and a gardener is pure fiction.


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If, like me, you can remember your mum washing up in the 50's, chances are she was wearing a pair of Marigold gloves to protect her hands.

vacuum cleaner

I was awakened this morning just before five – not by those occasionally rude word soldiers barking orders, but by a gentler muse whispering in my ear. Nevertheless, before too long, words like licorice allsorts, vacuum cleaners and old age began battering my brain. My head became a frantically busy thoroughfare in rush hour, until I metaphorically raised my hand like a traffic cop. STOP! I cried. Re-assembling the words in some sort of sane order, I had my piece for today. The licorice allsorts will have to await another time!

Kevin Wright article

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Entrepreneurs are always looking for adversities since they know and understand that "one mans problem can become another man's blessings".

natural gardening

I am talking about my garden. There are so many different types of garden and mine definitely doesn't have anything in rows. Not that I have anything against regimented gardens but I like mine to look wild. Not completely of course; I do like an area of green lawn, not necessarily grass though in my case.


If you are looking for a FABULOUS hotel on the silver coast in Portugal, look no further!

Leiden In The Netherlands

I've been asked to write a post about being an ex-pat, but where to begin is the dilemma because there are so many areas to talk about, but for this post I will do a broad brush, but would be more than happy to cover other areas in the future - if you'll have me back!


Photo copyright Unilever

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 Do you prefer powder, liquid or gel capsules when machine washing clothes? I like to try them all!

Florists, one of the success stories on the High Street or online. Flowers are so well received for all occasions. Happy or sad, they brighten up ones day and can ease the pain or make one jump for joy. Flowers are so good for mental and physical well being, don't you think?