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Console Table Steve

If you are looking to buy a Console table or a Coffee table, these have both been made to a very high standard by an expert craftsman.

Scarborough Carolyn S

In October 2016, I was served with notice to leave the place I was renting in Newmarket. The get out or else day, December 31st. I didn’t laugh. It shouldn’t have come as a surprise but it still shocked me. I had no idea what to do.

 Elizabeth Mapstone

Many of us find we need to move house as we age – and it is a daunting prospect. Indeed, I was so reluctant I left it until the options had drastically narrowed, and my husband simply would not have moved anywhere if I had not made him!

 Travis Perkins

Sady, we’re all far too familiar with the unpredictable nature of British summertime. Hands up those of you who’ve been happily soaking up the sun in the garden, only to have to race indoors because of a sudden downpour? We thought as much.

Leaf Blower

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I have been sent the new GTech Leaf Blower to evaluate and I am raring to go and try this latest cordless garden power tool.