Mothers Breath Tricia O

This poem is quite special. It began its journey in 2007 after I watched my mum sleeping in hospital when she was seriously ill. Although she never fully recovered we managed seven more years together before she died. I dedicate this poem to my mum as it would be her 85th birthday on Thursday, 19th October, 2017.

Golden Season poem

I often think of autumn as the golden season, so many colours to see. Here is a poem I have written to share with you all.

Mental Health

An OAPSchat member has written this moving poem for World Mental Health Day 2017 and wishes to remain anonymous. My thanks for sharing this poem with us.

Sharon Kishboo poem

Here is a poem I have written to share with you all about the state of UK post these days!

Ides of March Tricia O

Ides of March originated from an exercise at the start of my creative writing course with the Open University. It’s a bit of fun and I hope you enjoy it.

Autumn poem Sheila K

Nights are drawing in, leaves are falling and conkers are being gathered. It can only mean autumn! Here are two poems I have written to share with you all.

 First love poem

Do you remember your first love? I remember mine clearly. I was fifteen and when we broke up I thought my world had ended. First Love was inspired by these memories which were prompted when completing the Blues Studio Poetry Workshop with the Poetry School last year.

Autumn poem Joy

Autumn is nearly upon us and here is a poem I have written to share with all of you.

Fitness Poem

At the time of the year when everyone’s thinking about getting fit and losing weight, Fitness Fanatic makes light of the subject. I hope it makes you laugh.

Sharon B poem

 Our good friend Sharon Boothroyd has written a poem to share with us all. We have all seen shops on the high street change over the years, but one still remains the same. Read on and you will find out!

 Now its over poem

Now it’s Over was inspired when working on an online blues poetry course with The Poetry School last year.

Chris Stovell poem

I have a school friend visiting me and I thought she’d like to see our old school magazines.

 Morning Mist

Morning Mist is based on using the pattern of Philip Larkin’s Days i.e. short lines, almost the same syllables and a ten line stanza.

Trevor B poem

The Unwelcome Guest is a big departure from my usual, pithy, throwaway poems. It was written after having the Pogues song, A Pair of Brown Eyes, as an ear worm for about a week. Strangely the ear worm vanished the same day as the poem was written.

 Tick tock

This poem was inspired by an exercise where I wasn’t allowed to use the letter ‘E.’ It’s not easy. Why not have a go yourself and see?


It's a shock to realise you are a septuagenarian - how can that have happened?

Colour Purple poem

This week’s poem was inspired by a prompt ‘using purple.’

 Trevor B Stick poem

The Wrong End of the Stick, is a short poem I wrote after observing a group of people from an office down south, attending one of those idiotic bonding weekends based at a hotel in Nottingham.

Identity Tags is from my collection of poetry using the theme of Lost Identity.

Trev B Seat

The Seat on the Hill was my first, and last attempt at writing an old fashioned ballad.

Tricia Dance poem

Dance with Me is from my collection of poetry using the theme of Lost Identity.

Trev poem Old Tom

Old Tom The Catnip King, was written after observing our ‘Bonus’ cat, Jasper, sunning himself in the garden.

Deckchair Recognition poem

After my mum died in 2014 I felt like I’d lost my identity. I therefore explored a lost identity theme in my poetry and came up with a collection of fictional poems, Recognition is the first. This poem was first published in Reach Magazine (Indigo Dreams Publishing) in Issue #209.

HilaryC Baby poem

I’m not a poet but this was written from the heart and with much love for my little miracle 1 1/2lb (680g) Grandson …

Choc poem

Explosive Chocolate is for the chocoholics, which includes me. I love the little mines.

The Weather Girls Trev

My poem, The Weather Girls was written after I had seen a rerun of the hapless Michael Fish’s unforgettable 1987 weather forecast, where he promised a lady who had phoned in, and the rest of the country, that the hurricane hurtling towards us, would miss by a distance and flatten France instead.

Majesty poem

Magnificent Majesty was written during my Advanced Creative Writing module. This was my first attempt at a villanelle and illustrates Chopin’s Raindrop Prelude.

Recession Hard Times Trv B

My poem, Hard Times, is about recession. I wrote it during the awful Credit Crunch of 2009.

Tricia Rapture poem

Rapture, began from a photo prompt. It was first published by Reach (Indigo Dreams Publishing) Issue #214

Clicking Gran

My silly kid’s poem Clicking Gran, was my first attempt at poetry.

Aliens Tricia

For this week’s poem, I thought I’d opt for a fun one. How to give birth to an alien was first published in Ink Pantry’s Fields of Words in 2013. It originated from a creative writing exercise in 2011 when I was studying with the Open University.

Trevor Delivery Man

My poem, The Delivery Man, is only partly autobiographical.


This poem was first published in Reach magazine (Indigo Dreams Publishing) Issue 212.

Trev Fathers Day

My poem, Father’s Day, was hatched after a beery conversation in the pub with a few male drinking friends, one of which, (after a few pints,) shyly exposed his brand new pair of Homer Simpson socks.

Buccharest Tricia poem

Broken Bone in Bucuresti is based on a true experience of when I was out in Bucharest in March 2015 with my MA Creative Writing group.

Grain of Truth Trev B

My short poem, A Grain of Truth, was written for a humorous verse competition on a writer’s website I belonged to at the time.

 Joy L Summer poem

Now that summer is (almost) officially here, I would like to share a poem with all of you.

Imagination Mary B Poem

Does your imagination ever run away with you?

 Poem Mind Games

Many of us enjoy puzzles, crposswords etc, here is a short poem which I hope you will enjoy reading.

trevor b Celebrity poem

Celebrity Rules is a poem about the ridiculous celebrity culture that we have allowed to proliferate over the past thirty years.

Winter Walk TB

Winter Walk is a poem I wrote for the poetry assignment on the Open University Advanced Creative Writing course.

Sheep poem

It has been reported that, due to fly-tipping from a cannabis factory on a Swansea valley road, a flock of sheep were seen behaving a bit ‘odd.’

Merry Xmas article TB

Merry Christmas was my first attempt at a poem after I decided to take writing seriously, in 2009.

trevor B Swine flu poem

My poem, Swine flu, was written at the height of the epidemic in 2010.

 Trevor B poem

One Christmas, in my dark and distant past, I was chatting to a friend about the gifts I used to receive when I was a child.

Witches Hollow

I am delighted to share my first poem for the website with you. I hope you enjoy reading it!

 Christmas Magic poem

We all have our thoughts about Christmas, here is a short poem to share with you all. Happy Christmas! 

Trevor B Barber poem

My poem, The Barbershop Quartet, was written soon after I’d published a short, Al Capone, gangster era story called the 2nd St Valentine’s Day Massacre.

Lex George poem

I hope you like my latest humorous poem!


 I wrote ‘At My Expense’ during the first days of the MPs expenses scandal in 2009.