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Eternal Jewellery

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Pauline Buttress is the co-founder of Eternal Collection. Now in its 10th year of trading we have a large range of costume jewellery to choose from. Our customers come back to us time and time again as they enjoy the service we offer and the quality of our products.

Eye Doctor article

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 Since setting up my website, I spend many more hours in front of a computer screen.

Iron Mark

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Feeling tired and rundown and lost your spark? According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) Iron deficiency is the most common and widespread nutritional disorder in the world.

 healthspan new

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I have been sent three new products to try from my favourite vitamins and supplements company, Healthspan.

Cotswold Colln

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Where do you shop for unique high quality classic clothing? Cotswold Collections send me their catalogues seven times a year and I am delighted that they have sent me three items of clothing to evaluate and share with you.

Pukka Tea

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Are you a lover of herbal teas? Once considered a 'fad' by many, more and more of us are buying different varieties of tea.



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I have been buying Healthspan products for a number of years now and am very happy with the quality and value the various supplements provide.

Corkers crisps

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 Have you heard of Corkers crisps? I have to admit that I hadn't until I saw packets on sale on an Easy Jet flight from Portugal!

GTech Mountain Bike

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Do you enjoy mountain biking, but find that the exertion of cycling up and down tracks takes some of the fun out of it?

Cosyfeet summer footwear

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If you’re struggling with swollen feet this summer, treat yourself to a new pair of great-looking shoes or sandals from Cosyfeet.

 Chair article

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Those of you who belong to my website will know that I run it on my own and spend many hours sitting at my desk writing articles, newsletters, tweeting, facebooking etc etc.

 Jo and Seph Popcorn

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Last year, I was delighted to receive three taster bags of gourmet popcorn from connoisseurs Joe & Sephs. This week I have been sent four different flavour packs and a jar of caramel sauce. Let me begin!

Cosyfeet sandal 2017

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If you have swollen feet and need your own orthotics, you can now fit them inside the newly launched Sunrise sandal from Cosyfeet.


Photo copyright Saguna

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I have been sent three bottles of Silicolgel to evaluate. I must admit that I have not heard of this product before.

 Specsavers hearing

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HEARING loss often creeps up on people, with many not realising that they may have a problem until a friend or family member points out their tell-tale behaviour.

Casyfeet summershoe

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Two sunny summer styles in an extra wide fitting have been launched by Cosyfeet. They are feminine, flattering and specially designed to be ultra-comfy.

 Fresh X

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Do you buy so called 'flushable' body wipes? If so, you may like to read the following article and perhaps consider an alternative. I have been sent a bottle of Fresh X  Toilet Tissue Spritz to evaluate.

Euronics Wash House

My freezer has gone to meet his maker. Where do I buy a new one from? Should I go local or online? I was walking past The Wash House in Hereford a couple of weeks ago and called in to have a look around. 

Elec Bike

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I know that I should ride my bicycle more often. My trusty Etienne cycle from Halfords is around three years old. It has probably been used a dozen times.

Cosyfeet Sandy

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Blue is on trend for footwear this season and Cosyfeet’s new Sandy boat shoe in limited edition Powder Blue is designed for ladies who need a good looking shoe with a comfy, extra roomy fit.

Pembroke Food Company

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I was offered a Ships biscuit the other week and it tasted, well, different. Unlike any other savoury cracker type biscuit. It tasted and smelt of the sea!


Copyright Healthspan

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I have been a loyal Healthspan customer for more years than I can remember. For quality and cost this company beats all the other competitors.They have the accolade of being the number 1 UK company in the vitamins and supplements market.

Cosyfeet grip sox

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If you like padding about the house in socks rather than slippers you could be putting yourself at risk of slipping and falling.

Cosyfeet Rose

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A new collection of Paraben-free skin care, naturally scented with Rose Flower Extract, has been launched by Cosyfeet. This sensitively formulated range contains all you need to cleanse, tone and moisturise your face and body.

Article Fellowes

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How do you choose a shredder when the one you have had for 15 years finally decides to pack up in a splendid fashion by sparking and snapping?!

Cosyfeet Dreamy

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Have you ever seen a slipper this cosy? This on-trend faux sheepskin bootee slipper from Cosyfeet comes in a EEEEE+ fitting for extra wide or swollen feet.

Samsung headphones

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I have been a big fan of Sennheiser headphones for as long as I can remember. They are high end quality products and always look and sound superb. 

Cosyfeet Pixie

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The Pixie boot from Cosyfeet is specially designed for ladies who need an extra roomy fit. This attractive, lightweight style comes in an EEEEE+ fitting as standard.

Eisberg Sparkling

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Fizzy Eisberg? The number 1 alcohol free wine has now made sparkling wine. Does it taste like Prosecco or maybe even champagne?


I am delighted to be writing my third article for Fentimans. Those of you who know me, will have seen me posting Fentimans Ginger Beer on FB and Twitter as a favourite drink of mine. Now I have the pleasure of testing Fentimans mixers.


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As a great lover of ginger beer, I was very pleased to receive two bottles of the alcoholic variety from Crabbies to evaluate.



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This great-looking faux sheepskin slipper from Cosyfeet comes in an EEEEE+ fitting for extra wide or swollen feet. Made from soft, breathable microfibre with a luxurious, fleecy lining, it’s as warm and comfy as it looks.

 love Keep Create

I watch Dragons Den and have been lucky enough to interview people who have secured backing from the dragons for their businesses. My latest interviewees are Rachel and Merry from Love Keep Create.

True North books

The world is bright and shiny and sometimes hard to bear. There are times when all you need is a memory, a reminder, a comforting form of nostalgia to ‘take you back’ to the good old days.


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Who remembers when Eisberg wine first came out? I can remember drinking glasses when I was driving during nights out in the eighties.

Crikey B Int

I am delighted to welcome Kia and Sky from Crikey Bikey. Since I published their story on the website, they are busier than ever which is fantastic! Let's sit down and have a cup of tea and some chocolate biscuits. Thank you both for agreeing to answer some questions for us. 


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I have been sent a BubbleBum travel car booster seat to evaluate. Perhaps like me, this is a new product to you?

Cosyfeet Hettie

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Love heels but have swollen feet? This shoe could be for you. The Hettie has a 4cm dressy heel and it’s so comfy you won’t want to take it off!

Sharon Boothroyd dept store

With the recent sad collapse of BHS, I feel that it's a good time to remind ourselves of that high street favourite - our famous classic department stores.


Did you enjoy eating marshmallows as a child or indeed as an adult? I know I did when I was little and I loved the way they melted in your mouth. But they were only pink and white and both colours tasted the same. Bascially just like eating sugar! So I was intrigued by a website I came across whereby a lady was making and selling gourmet marshmallows!


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My iPad Air 2 needs a STRONG DURABLE case to protect it. Where is the best place to buy one from I wonder?

Audrey Cosyfeet

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Looking for a feminine shoe to flatter swollen feet? The dainty-looking Audrey shoe from Cosyfeet is designed to fit swelling and problem toes with ease.

 A Vogel article

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The name A.Vogel may not be familiar to some of us here in the UK.  I am a big believer in echinacea and buy one of their cold remedies.


Popcorn. Memories of buying and eating from fairgrounds from my early childhood was not something I was ever that fond of. You ate it back then because, well, all your friends did and it was a change from candyfloss!

Belinda Clark

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Last year I received some delicious marshmallows to evaluate and this year I have been sent some new flavours to try.

 Aloe Gel

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Did you know that natural Aloe Vera soothes sunburn? Out in the sun, even when using sun cream, we can all overdo it sometimes.

Fentimans new drinks

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 What's your favourite mixer drink? Mine is any one of Fentimans superb range!

Personal Barber

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Every man likes to have a good shave I am sure without any rash developing or painful nicks from a razor. The Personal Barber sends out monthly supplies and may well solve all your problems and ensure an excellent result every day.


Cosyfeet Oct

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 A British company is now making walking boots and walking shoes suitable for swollen feet.


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Sandals with socks have the ability to divide the nation as much as Marmite or a General Election. Some detest the look while others love the comfort.